King Arthur

Just like we have refs in sports, we have critics for movies.  Refs play an important role and when they do their jobs right they keep play under control and don’t much impact the outcome.  They are not supposed to interject themselves to the point that they do influence the game.  It is unfortunate when they do.  The NCAA Finals this year is a perfect example of Refs overstepping their role.  Critics can offer some great insight.  On occasion they interject themselves too far and literally make or break a movie not deserving of the outcome.  I bring this up because I wanted to see King Arthur.  I was so excited when I first saw the previews.  Critics have brutalized it though.  Almost like they wanted to kill it.  In my opinion, they have made it personal.  Maybe it was the director or perhaps it’s not the fairy tale story of Camelot.  We have talked to several that have seen it and they all enjoyed the movie.  So Saturday night we took a break and braved the massive crowds out to see Pirates of the Caribbean.  We saw King Arthur with about 20 people and it was really, really good.  So if you are looking for something interesting and high energy it is worth a couple hours.  I enjoy different takes on stories, plays, movies and music.  It is enjoyable to see a different interpretation.  Can you imagine how boring Shakespeare would be if we didn’t enjoy all of the many interpretations over the years?  Anyway there you go.  My thoughts for the day ❤️