Cons of being a girl online

Probably the number one negative of being a girl online is the pervs.  Now I get being sexual and I am sure guys get themselves very excited when they come across a girl that is a little naughty.  But here is the line.  Don’t assume because we are a little naughty it gives you permission to send us dick pics or stroke videos.  Don’t assume that if your horny and going 100 miles an hour in your lust that we are wanting to join you or can even catch up.  I get that when your cock swells your brain hibernates but I for one refuse to be used.  You drop that crap on me and I’ll kick you to the block list faster than you can cum.  We are not a damn light switch you can turn on when your in the mood.  So to the guy that sent me a stroke video of himself last night welcome to the block list.  Not saying I don’t enjoy seeing a cock but I prefer being asked first and I definitely prefer guys that I find attractive.  Double negative when not given the option.  


I love to get a guy excited. Especially when I am with him and can see the results of lust. When a guy get so hard his cock is like throbbing. You push it down and it jumps back up. The pre-cum is flowing. Grinding is crazy because no matter what you do his cock has a mind of it’s own. When a guy gets that excited it’s almost guaranteed your going to have him slip. And when he does it’s hard to stifle a gasp. Definitely makes grinding a whole new experience when his cock has no give. Sometimes when he gets close I’ll squeeze the base or the head to stop him from cumming. Can usually pull that off a time or two before he will explode. I wouldn’t recommend that if he is inside you though. Squeezing him off at the base when he’s past the point of no return does NOT work. I got a load once that way. Glad I was on the pill at that time. Anyway I love to watch a guy walk when he is throbbing hard. It’s comical but cute in a sexy way. Make sense? Hard cock is truly a magnificent thing.


Soooo I am like craving cock. Lots been happening in our family and Keith has been so busy. I want to get laid! Toys are fun but only so so. I could so use a nice throbbing 8 inch drooling dick right now.