Weekend Delight + 1

It is not always easy to have a play date with Shaun.  Like everyone, he is busy and has a wife and family.  Takes planning and even though Keith is pretty flexible we lead pretty busy lives sometimes to.  But guess what?!   This weekend the stars aligned and everything worked out perfectly.  His wife was away with his kids until Sunday.  Friday night Keith had Fathers and Sons with our three boys and my daughter was away for the night with friends.  So the game plan was Shaun at my house for a sleepover Friday night and Saturday I went to his house for a sleepover.  

I think I scared him pretty bad Friday night.  I didn’t tell him Sara was going to join us.  He has met Mandy before but not Sara.  I met him at Walmart in Cedar Hills around 6, he left his car there and we went back to my place.  We had a couple of hours of catching up to do.  And catching up in your own bed is crazy hot!  Sara arrived around 9, let herself in, was calling for me.  Shaun was like going for the closet!  It was priceless.  You would not believe the relief when she came in the room and was like hmmmm, started without me?  She then gave me a very sensual kiss.  Shaun was easily convinced to come back to the bed.  

Honestly on a sleepover you really need a few people.  It just allows everyone to stay aroused and doesn’t slow down much.  I get that guys need a little recharge time but when I get that hot and bothered I can go for hours.  I do think Shaun enjoyed watching almost as much as playing.  Highlight of the night was when Sara was on top grinding on him I was behind her whispering naughty things in her ear, kissing her neck, and lightly stroking her back and sides.  I convinced her to let him dip the head.  I wanted her wetness up in me.  She let me position his cock at her hole and I had my hands on her hips and pulled her back on him.  OMG I love hearing that gasp!  First penetration is the most erotic thing in the world.  I think it’s my fault, but she got a little more than just the head.  Not much though.  Just a little!  Enough to cum on him though lol.  He was nice and wet when I slid down on him.  I love love love wet sex!  It was a very good night.  Sara doesn’t accept responsibility for the dip.  I have been warned payback could be pleasurable.  ❤️

Iron Man Civil War

One of my clients wanted to do their retreat in San Diego this year so I spent most of the week in Cali.  Was fun, not quiet the weather I was hoping for but mid 60s low 70s can be nice.  I did get a hot rock massage at the spa!  

Thursday was a theme day for Cinco de Mayo we had Mexican food and music for the day and a piñata filled with candy, cash, and gift cards.  It was awesome when it was cracked and everyone realized there was money on the floor.  Lol.  I would share the video but can’t here, too risky.  Totally fun.  Yesterday I got back to Salt Lake around 4 and Keith took me to dinner.  Ww then went to see Iron Man 4.  I was given tickets for the family.  I loved it.  If you haven’t seen it just sign the accord and join team Iron Man.  Don’t argue just do it.  Tony wants me… I mean he wants you to join.  

After the movie we caught up with Sarah and Todd and had hot chocolate and then had some fun.  They joined Team Angie last night and yeah.  Yada yada yada…a few orgasms later and it’s 2 am.  Todd got 4 inches last night.  I think I was overly aroused.  Tony does that to me.  Sarah took advantage lol.  I’m happy to be home.  I missed my family.  We have a fun day planned.  Hope the weather holds out.  Enjoy your day peeps.  Oh did I mention the Black Panther….mmmmm.  If I ever do a black guy he would be sooooo it!  


A few years ago I hooked up with a guy going to school at BYU.  He had played with Sarah and they had a few make out sessions and she gave him head.  So she was very into him because he was fun and young and just really nice.  How I met him was Sarah and I hooked up for lunch and he dropped by.  We then started to chat as well and eventually I went over to his place one day when his roommates were away.  First time was just the normal making out and petting and grinding.  I knew he was a virgin and after some hot chats thought it would be fun to let him dip it.  Just to get the head wet so he would know what it was like. We ended up naked in his bed and he was crazy hard and excited.  I helped him find the hole and he dipped in.  He was pretty excited and wanted to go further.  I was doing my best to encourage him just to move a little so he didn’t go very deep.  I got him to slow down on the thrusting and to just enjoy what we were doing.  I was squeezing him a little bit and had my hand between us making sure he didn’t go deeper.  Kind of stroking him with my hand as well.  I loved it because he had a really big cockhead and it felt soooo good.    He was trying to thrust and I think he was just on pleasure overload because he shot this really powerful load right up me. He was trying to thrust and I pulled away enough that his second and third shots covered me.  It is fun to play with younger guys they are very virile and can get it back up fast but if you only want to go so far virgins are dangerous to play with.  Had to fight pretty hard to keep him under control.  Pleasure seems to override promises.  Anyway was a fun and pleasureable experience but I never hooked up with him again.  Too close of a call for a second chance.  Keith enjoyed the sloppy seconds though.  Was great sex for us.  🙂

Temple surprise 

About a year after getting married we were at BYU going to school.  Mandy and Sarah were still single but starting to get serious with some guys.  Definitely still playing.  Sarah introduced me to a guy that I really liked.  She had fooled around with him a couple of times and invited me to play with them.  I went over and ended up making out and gave him head.  Was just a fun hook up.  A few weeks later Keith and I were in the Provo temple and he was in the session with us.  After we got to the Celestial room I introduced him to Keith and we slipped into a corner and chatted quietly.  He asked if I would be up for some more play and we set a date and got together again a few more times.  He was the first guy I actually sucked off while Keith was fucking me.  Nice guy, great body, and he got the head wet a few times.  Definitely fun, very naughty flirting with him in the temple with my husband with us.  Highlights with him was sneaking into his apartment and staying most of the night.  Playing naked in his bed.  He came in me twice.  Almost got caught by his roommate.  3 girls and him in a hotel room.  Keith and him playing with me.  Fun times fun semester.  

After Cinderella 

Loved the movie in case you missed that.  🙂  We went with my friend Mandy and her husband.  After the movie we went to grab a bite to eat then went back to their place in South Jordan.  Their kids were off with grandparents and overnights so we had the place to ourselves.  It was so fun having a play date.  Been awhile since we have done any group play.  I got to make out with both Mandy and Brad.  Got naked and some oral and a dip.  It has been a long time since I felt another guys cockhead in me.  I got a couple of inches and came on him I was so turned on.  Mandy and I got some girl play in and the guys watched.  I have never seen them complain about that…ever.  She is so good with her toungue.  OMG!  Sports analogy here.  Mandy plays in the Majors.  I so need another dip please.  I appreciate you Keith, thanks for a fun night for whatever reason it was good and cheered me up.  I hope you enjoyed it to.  xoxoxoxo mmmmm!