After Cinderella 

Loved the movie in case you missed that.  ūüôā  We went with my friend Mandy and her husband.  After the movie we went to grab a bite to eat then went back to their place in South Jordan.  Their kids were off with grandparents and overnights so we had the place to ourselves.  It was so fun having a play date.  Been awhile since we have done any group play.  I got to make out with both Mandy and Brad.  Got naked and some oral and a dip.  It has been a long time since I felt another guys cockhead in me.  I got a couple of inches and came on him I was so turned on.  Mandy and I got some girl play in and the guys watched.  I have never seen them complain about that…ever.  She is so good with her toungue.  OMG!  Sports analogy here.  Mandy plays in the Majors.  I so need another dip please.  I appreciate you Keith, thanks for a fun night for whatever reason it was good and cheered me up.  I hope you enjoyed it to.  xoxoxoxo mmmmm!

Grinding Into Panties

You know it has been a successful session of grinding in your panties when the guy pulls out and your panties have been pushed up inside you. Soaked. You then have to pull them out. Yes it can be done. Usually lots of adjustments and moving them around and him thrusting hard into them but they can be thrust into you a couple inches. God that feels crazy good. Kind of cheating doing it this way but very naughty and fun.


Someone shared a new term I had never heard before. Parking. I guess it’s like dipping but all the way just no thrusting once your in. Parking the cock in you. I think it sounds fun. Question is can I squeeze it inside me or could the guy flex it? I think so! :). That sounds really fun actually. Pleasure and torture combined with a dash of temptation.


It goes without saying that a guys first time is pretty awesome. For us girls it really depends. I had a great first time but I know others may not have. I have dipped with several guys as their “first”. It amazes me how fast a guy can cum especially if they have had some great foreplay as well. Virgins I typically have fooled around with bare. For a few reasons. First I don’t want them to thick since they have a condom on it’s livens to go further. Second I just think they should feel their cock in a pussy first time bare. Just my opinion. The downside is they have like zero control. None. Nada. Even just a dip with the head they are drooling cum like crazy. A couple thrusts through the hole and they are goners. It’s amazing to experience a guy cumming the first time from sexual play. Not always good of it’s in you and he doesn’t have the timing or control to pull out. Of the 8 virgins I have played with 6 came in me. Just got so lost in the moment. Total lack of control so be prepared if you are a guys first. Definitely use birth control because no matter what they say they are totally unprepared for sexual pleasure.


The reason I liked dipping was I was able to experience penetration. Even if it was only the head. There is nothing better than grinding and foreplay and then feeling it hit the hole and poke in. Would totally take my breath away. Especially if the guy had a nice big thick head. I think I was totally satisfied with dipping until Shaun managed to get in me deeper. Dips were great but suddenly I had Shaun in me 4 inches and taking a few jabs into me with that shaft. Yeah thanks Shaun for ruining the dipping experience. Now I really am hooked on the idea of taking the penetration all the way. Here is the irony. A decade ago when we would fool around Keith totally wanted me to fuck the guy. I could have done it and he would have been so excited. But I was totally committed to just having fun and not going all the way. Once I wanted to fuck he totally was not for it. Word to the wise….if your hubby wants you to get laid, don’t ask questions, just smile and do it for him.