Social Justice Warrior

I can’t help but ask what these Keyboard Warriors are doing to actually make real change in the world?  I am totally supportive of people, even with opposing values to my own, seeking to make a difference.  We however are quickly becoming a nation that refuses to be governed by others that we don’t agree with.  This “Resistance” as they like to call it is not founded in Love, tolerance, compassion or even accountability it is fueled by hate, prejudice, pride and an attitude of anarchy.  Encouraging Rioting only builds the walls of difference higher and thicker.  A people whose differences have become so great they refuse to compromise and are incapable of finding common ground is like the first thundering you hear on the horizon of a terrible storm.  Like a horrible storm when it comes full force doesn’t care who or what is in its path.  Mother Nature unleashed spares no one.  I feel that we as a people are creating a storm of Biblical proportions that we are about to lose control of.  We all have our opinions but we actually have more in common than not.  For those that have a voice and an audience perhaps our message needs to be more kindness, empathy, compassion and patience with one another.  We tend to see the world we are looking for.  If you are not happy with what you are seeing do something about it.  Look for positive news, disengage from certain conversations, hang out with different people, shake up your life if need be.  One of the most powerful experiences you can ever have is to talk with someone that believes differently than you.  Ask them what is important to them.  Ask them what their goals are.  Ask them what brings them Joy.  It will forever change your perspective simply by listening.  The Social Justice Warrior offers no solutions only judgement.  They act without accountability because nothing is required of them.  It is easy to stir others up to anger.  It is much harder to make a difference.  Change the world by changing it for one person.  The gift of Hope is the only thing that can halt the storm that is approaching.  


Hate in the world is growing at an exponential pace.  We must be a light to the world in driving it back.  Darkness will always flee to the shadows when light is present.  Empathy, patience, a smile, love shine the brightest.  ❤️

Kindness.  Pass it along.

“I say to myself remember this.  Kindness begins with me.”  One of the most profound lyrics ever.  We live in a world where “men’s hearts wax cold.”  Where did empathy go?  Has compassion become inconvenient?  Are values in a downward spiral?  As we become more agnostic as a people, values that have a Christian foundation, are being discarded faster than the trash.  The busier people have become in their lives the less they are aware of those around them.  Busy and indifferent are worn as a badge of honor.  I believe with kids, a husband or wife, a job, church callings, sports, and however else you choose to spend your time you can be both busy and kind, compassionate and empathetic.  How do we accomplish going against the grain of current societal trends?  A couple of ideas.  First declutter your schedule.  There will always be work, kids soccer games, a movie, etc etc etc.  As we grow up for most adults life becomes full of choices between many good things.  Prioritize the BEST things.  What really matters is where you spend your time.  Sometimes you just have to take a pass.  Second SMILE…a lot.  It not only does you good but a smile lifts those around you.  Even the strangers you come across.  Third, find ways to incorporate service into your life on a consistent basis.  You may not be able to change the world but you certainly have the power to change your relationship with a spouse, a neighbor, impact a classroom, influence a community.  The reality here is you can make a difference in one persons life.  Can you imagine?  One person.  I think that is the real lesson here.  We are all about the big things.  We have forgotten the simple beauty of impacting the one.  Finally this may seem counter intuitive in my arguments for being selfless, but I think you need to make time for yourself.  Read a book, take a bubble bath, watch a sunset, listen to music, be still.  We are so much more capable of seeing clearly and making good choices when we slow down.  Make moments for you, it forces you out of the noise.  How can one hear themselves when everyone is shouting you know.  I found this little quote below and it sparked this post.  No matter who we are we can make a difference if we are willing.  😇❤️👻


My heart goes out to those families whose loved ones were massacred by demons in California yesterday. I do not understand all of the details as to what happened but I believe it was at a company Christmas party. Any news of killing makes me sad, this situation hits too close to home for me personally. We live in scary times. So much hate in the world. What’s missing? Empathy…where has it gone? Men become animals when they are past feeling compassion for others. Men become monsters when they are consumed by hate. We are living among monsters. I am saddened that the day is coming when God fearing Americans will start hunting down these monsters. Our government has betrayed us and can no longer, nor are willing to take the war to them. It will fall upon those that shouldn’t have to fight but they will and it will be a slaughter. If the enemy knew what was coming they would be begging for peace.  

True Religion 

Is Love.  Charity or the Pure Love of Christ endureth forever.  We are taught the first principles of the gospel are faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and repentance of our sins.  Faith and Repentance lead us to hope and forgiveness.  Of us we are required to forgive all men including ourselves.  To have love in our hearts we have to shed ourselves of shame, guilt, hatred, and bitterness.  Forgiveness isn’t easy.  It takes effort and a willingness and prayer and commitment.  We learn to forgive by excercising faith and repentance.  I believe kindness and empathy would heal many wounds and broken hearts in the world.  Wars would cease, pride would be checked, and miracles would of be wrought.  The journey doesn’t end at repentance it only begins anew with hope.  Seek the best gift.  The gift that is eternal and saves us.  Love.