i sometimes enjoy reading sex stories.  This is the site I go to.  Some hot stories in the group sex, first time, and hot wives sections.  I don’t visit too often but this past week I think I have read about 30 stories which is unusual for me.  It’s fun to send a story I find hot to Keith.  He finds that a huge turn on.  Especially with him being gone sometimes I’ll send him one of two I like for some reading before bed :).  I know men tend to be much more visual in their liking but I am glad he doesn’t bring pics or movies into our home.  The sex stories tend to do the trick for us and give us some good ideas sometimes to :). My favorite author has been Xleglover in case you see any of his stories.  

Favorite Position

When having naughty chats one of the most common questions asked is what is your favorite position?  Love this!  But I love sex.  For me my favorites are on top.  Love to ride or just being on top.  I can cum the easiest this way because I am in control.  I totally know how to ride that cock to get me to orgasm.  Plus I love my breasts played with.  Riding totally makes it easy for me to enjoy everything I love.  I can kiss, play with my clit, my breasts, he can play with my breasts, grab my ass.  It is just the best.  I prefer being on top facing my guy but…sometimes reverse cowgirl can be fun as well. So easy to enjoy playing with me clit that way.  My second favorite position is missionary.  Something about spreading my legs and having a guy in between them on me is so hot.  Having my breasts smashed into his chest.  Wrapping my legs around his waist.  Kissing in this position is my favorite as well.  I truly love to kiss.  Especially when your close to orgasm or he is and having your mouths open and feeling the panting and gasps.  So erotic and hot!  Deep thrusts from him this way is so good to.  IAs for dipping (see earlier post) on top is the best because I have a bit more control to make sure it doesn’t go too deep.  As for what I do not like I am not a fan of doggie style.  I know this will surprise so many of the guys out there as it seems its a favorite among the men.  But i don’t like to be pounded from behind.  Just not my thing.  So anyway there is my favorites and the why.