Getting Freaky

Had a fun chat last night on the List.  Question was asked how do you get your spouse more interested in playing with others or even in sex?  I don’t remember everything I suggested I was kind of in a groove throwing all sorts of things out but I will try and remember some :). A few ideas include 

  • Take turns sharing fantasies
  • Take a fantasy and start at rated G and each night retell it by taking it up a notch to PG, PG13, R, NC17, and X. 
  • Roll a dice before bedtime.  Odd is you make love even is you are a slut.
  • People watch and point out guys you think your wife would like to have sex with.  Girls point out other girls you think he would want to do.
  • Go out with some friends you think are hot on a couples date.  They won’t know your hot for them but you knowing will be great for sex later.
  • Go out dancing and flirt a little and tell each other about it.  
  • Sexual allowance.  Each week pick a few things you want to earn sexually and agree upon the price.  Girls this can include a shopping spree.  He wants you to swallow?  He does some amazing honey dos around the house.  Every sexual act has a price and this can be fun.
  • Make up new sexual positions and name them.
  • Have sex blindfolded and pretend it’s someone else. 
  • Do it in a car.
  • Say yes.
  • Get some sexual toys for her.  Guys you really don’t need any.
  • Do everything but fuck.  Foreplay is awesome.
  • Create a sexual bucket list and start it.  
  • Ask your friends what is the craziest sexual thing they have done and be prepared to share yours.  Everyone loves to talk sex.  
  • Tell each other about past sexual experiences.  
  • Date night that you know your going to score.  
  • Sext each other.  If your really brave “accidentally” send a naughty text to someone you like.  Play it off that OMG I’m sorry but if he or she responds….
  • Sleep naked once in awhile.

Just a few thoughts I’m sure there are many more.  Point is have some fun.  Fantasy does not mean you have to do it.  These things can improve an existing marriage that has lost the loving feeling or launch you into group play.  Keep in mind a healthy sex life is a spectrum from nice to naughty and results in a satisfying marriage.  Isn’t it about time?  ❤️