Catching up 

This has been a whirlwind of a week so far.  I loved Wicked on Broadway!  I will be coming back to see more.  I have seen some great plays in the past but this was a whole new experience.  Downloaded the soundtrack already.  Got up the next morning and headed to Boston.  Was picked up by Rebecca, spent a short time in Boston then headed for the Cape.  Met Sarah who is from the area and said our goodbyes to Rebecca after lunch.  Two new friends that I already love.  After some afternoon business we had a late dinner and she dropped us off at a Bed and Breakfast in East Falmouth.  She is from Mashpee close by so she definitely got us a beautiful room.  I was really dragging by dinner.  Just had a salad and lots of water.  I sometimes get dehydrated and it really kicked my tail.  Crashed pretty early.  Yesterday we ended up going to Chatham and Orleans.  Deep into the Cape on the East.  Even in Winter it is beautiful here.  I can only imagine what it must be like in the Summer months.  Sarah says there are a lot more people and it takes forever to get around.  We had an incredible dinner of Fish & Chips in Orleans then headed back.  It gets dark early here.  This morning we had an early meeting then caught a ferry to Nantucket.  We are here and wow!  Will spend the day here and dinner then head back to Boston tonight. Early flight home tomorrow.  We should make it in time to see the BYU football game and basketball game tomorrow.  I imagine I’m going to be very tired tomorrow night lol.  I am so excited to see our kids.  I always miss them so much when away.  By day three it really sets in!  Oh I did get an email from my missionary Tuesday.  He is doing so well!  I miss him but am so thrilled he is happy.  He says everyone is excited for Thanksgiving.  A General Authority will be visiting them!  It has been such a fun week seeing so many beautiful places.  I am just happy we didn’t have to drive in Boston.  😇. 

Something funny…I have been wearing my BYU apparel reppin’ the Y all week.  I don’t think most of these people know anything about college football.  I would have thought someone would be a UMASS fan lol.  But no!