Hawaii 2.0

Such a fun week!  Arrived Monday afternoon and after meeting up with my colleague we had a business lunch at Dukes!  Such a great place to eat and Waikiki is a beautiful beach.  I got tee shirts for everyone, they will be thrilled!  So much history at Dukes, go if you get the chance.  I was pretty wiped out from the flight so we went back to their place and lounged around all afternoon by the pool and caught up.  Tuesday we had business until mid afternoon then more pool time.  I saw Kailua Bay for the first time and the North Shore again.  It’s shocking a place can be so perfect.  Her hubby grilled kabobs and veggies for dinner and it was YUMMY!  No rain despite the forecast, just 70s and clouds.  Wednesday we were up early and on a flight to Kauai.  Business I won’t bore you with but the drive up the coast was so pretty.  Stayed at the Westin Resort.  The rain didn’t come as predicted again :).  We took advantage of the spa and had scheduled hot rock massages then enjoyed some time in the wet sauna.  I was like so relaxed.  Dinner included a virgin margarita and a flash of pineapple juice with short ribs and shrimp.  No words can be uttered to express the sheer perfection of that food.  My taste buds are still happy.  I didn’t wake up at 4 am on Wednesday so I consider it a huge victory.  Thursday started out with a run and then I will tell you straight up the breakfast buffet would blow your mind.  I ate so much.  I had a waffle, an omelette, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, fruit plus hot chocolate, milk, OJ and pineapple juice to drink.  I was so full!   Thursday we had a flight to Maui with a short stop in Oahu on the way.  The rain came after I left in Kauai all day but we only had about an hour of rain in Maui.  Got our business done and spent a short time at the pool.  Mid 60s and cloudy but enjoyed some snacks and the hot tub.  Got hit on but flashed our rings lol.  The Westin Resort on Maui had an awesome performance with fire dancers and about two hours of entertainment.  The Luau was so delicious.  Taste buds were again very happy.  We had soooo much fun.  I am finally sleeping till my alarm goes off.  Today I even hit snooze and waited till 6:30 to get up.  This morning we had 90 minute hot rock massages scheduled.  After the massages we went to the breakfast buffet where I am writing this post.  I love breakfast buffets at resorts, they are over the top.  Trying to not eat so much today.  After we get back to Oahu we are going to meet up for a date.  I am so excited to see Jack and Chip.  I really am hoping they remember me lol.  I don’t even know why it really matters but we had so much fun last time.  It would just be fun to think they do I guess.  I have told my friend so much about them.  She lives here and has never swam with dolphins.  I couldn’t believe it.  So today we live fully.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I am headed back to the mainland tomorrow.  Business was good, the food was better, the massages were heavenly but I believe the dolphins will take the prize.  😇 

Chuck a Rama

Last night the challenges were made, the smack talk commenced and the Gauntlet thrown down.  We had one of our crazy competitions and it was who could eat the most plates of food last night.  Chuck a Rama was the venue of choice.  Keith upped the ante to not just bragging rights but with a $50 Walmart gift card.  You can imagine the excitement.  So to make it a little fair there are some handicaps allowed like in golf.  Out 9 year old got a 2 plate handicap and out 12 year old got a 1 plate handicap.  I managed to eat 7 plates of food.  First 3 plates were the lite stuff.  Salad, jello and shrimp.  Stayed away from the scones and bread, they fill you up too fast.  I didn’t drink anything but water.  I had my strategy, it was sound and how I usually defeat everyone.  I out lasted a Keith and our daughter.  Our youngest tied me with his 2 plate handicap but our 12 year old was a beast.  No more cheating with handicaps for him.  He takes us all down with 8 plates.  Didn’t even need the freebie.  I thought I was going to hurl.  Made it out to the Tahoe and dropped the seat back so I could breath.  The champ wanted to go to Walmart after dinner.  I think all of us were like are you kidding?!   It was fun but clearly there is a new Champ in the house.  I won’t take him on again.  Family…isn’t it about time?  Easily could have been a Mormon commercial lol.  🙂


This Thanksgiving was a very special one.  Our first at the Bear Lake family cabin.  Keith’s  parents have been wanting to get a cabin for years.  Their hope was to get one up at Sundance but it never materialized.  This past Summer we came up here for their 50th anniversary and rented a cabin.  Needless to say they fell in love with Bear Lake and while there we went and looked at a few.  The rest is history.  

We got here a few hours early on Wednesday and got started decorating the deck with lights.  The banister with lights and put up the tree with lots of lights.  Wednesday night we decorated the rest of the tree with the kids and watched the BYU basketball game.  Thanksgiving was wonderful with lots of food, treats, games, a nap, Napoleon Dynamite, and even a holiday walk.  Friday a run, great conversation, more games, some exploring and Guardians of the Galaxy!  There was also an epic game of Risk that lasted well into the night.  Saturday the boys left for a day of BYU in the great Land and City of Provo.  Although it wasn’t the win in basketball we had hoped for against UVU, Keith said it was one of those moments you realize something pretty special is happening.  So he enjoyed the rain of threes and marveled lol.  They stayed until half way through the third quarter of the BYU Football game against Utah State and shivering decided to get a lead on the rest of Aggie Nation heading back to Logan.  I think those of us that stayed back were the smart ones as they got back very late.  They did have lots of fun and they  also brought back 3 extra Cougar Tails!  💙  Sunday everyone slept in.  We had a special fast this morning for our missionary.  Hard to have one away but we love him.  This morning we had our little psuedo branch of 19.  We all gathered in the living room dressed in our church clothes.  We began with prayer, followed by three youth speakers, one from each family, and Keith’s mother finished up.  We then finished with a closing prayer, broke the fast, and had hoagies and soup for lunch and Cougar Tail for dessert!   Tonight we are having another feast. We brought steaks to BBQ and will have baked potatoes, fruit salad, and corn on the cob. Afterward we will have homemade ice cream for dessert.  I am very excited for the cinnamon ice cream. 🙂  

The Thanksgiving weekend went too fast.  Everyone is heading different directions tomorrow.  Keith and I are off for Florida then back to Park City for a couple days before returning to Idaho Falls.  His parents are taking the kids home and spending the week with them.  His sister and her family back to Texas and his brother and his family back home in Utah.  A few college kids back to their lives as well.  Family is a wonderful blessing.  Sometimes it would be nice to hit the pause button.  So very grateful we did for a few days at least.  My hope is that it was a special time for all.  Thanksgiving truly is a gift if we don’t miss it.  

July 2015

July for several years has been the heart of our Summers.  So much to do and only 31 days.  Never ever enough time.  With family leaving today to head home here is a recap of why July is so great!  What we did…the List

  • Visited Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, and Park City and Bear Lake in Utah
  • Laser Tag
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Hikes including the Y
  • Razors up in the mountains
  • Jet skis
  • Paddle Board and yes I stood up.  ❤️’d it!
  • Kayaking
  • Games sooooo many late nights and afternoons of games 
  • James Bond Spectre
  • Sold a house
  • Bought a condo
  • Bought a house
  • Condo warming party
  • Sex
  • Set up a condo 
  • Birthday party 
  • Ate soooo much food
  • Swimming pool multiple times
  • Family pictures twice 
  • Slept in, stayed up late, didn’t sleep at all
  • Played more games
  • Had more sex, almost got caught lol
  • Made new friends 
  • Got a refill of hot chocolate!  Thanks Steve
  • Shopped downtown Park City
  • Ate lots of Ice Cream
  • Went to the Temple 4x
  • Dessert at the Chocolate
  • Watched some of the GOP Convention

Still to do before end of month

  • Girls Camp starts tomorrow
  • Jason Bourne
  • Star Trek Beyond again
  • Start packing 
  • Group party with friends
  • Being released from YWs next Sunday
  • More sex when I get home 
  • Sons mission call is coming Yay!!!

It has been very busy but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  We have had the most amazing Summer!  Feeling tired and blessed.  Keith and I were laughing when we woke up today.  Was like did we just sleep most of the day!  Was awesome!   ❤️


i have always liked jello.  But lately since being really sick back at Christmas my love for jello has like gone way up. 

I have been experimenting.  

A few recipes that I would highly recommend include cherry and get some green grapes and cut them up.  Spread them around, let the jello set, and wa-la you have a delicious treat with not just cherry flavor but a burst of grape that will make your tastebuds quiver in orgasmic delight.  Another I have enjoyed is lime green jello with slices of banana in it.  I love bananas and I love green jello and they are the perfect complimentary tastes for not just me but the whole family.  Now I digress here but I must warn you vegetables and jello do not mix.  I will admit I have heard shaved carrots slices are good to add and we did try it.  No we will never do that again and have set up a rule in our house.  No vegetables in the jello.  I have tried cool whip mixed in as well and that adds some fun and yum to your colored creation.  We call it marbled jello.  I did yellow lemon jello yesterday and we put kiwi in it.  That was pretty awesome as well.  We are going to try oranges cut up in green lime jello and I want to try pineapple just not sure which flavor would be the best.  I also like just plain jello to but I have always been big on taste.  I love the sensation of smell and taste and touch and sight and what I hear.  I think anything that heightens any of the senses just is incredible.  Maybe that’s why I love orgasms and sex so much.  Because it so completely involves the senses.  I think things that tend to take your senses to the edge of what your accustomed to is the real adventure in life.  Maybe that’s why I tend to be pretty happy and adventurous is i experiment in life.  I don’t know for sure but I do know I have found some things I definitely do not like such as anal sex, carrots in my jello, and Spanish Fork, Utah to name a few.  But I have found a few things I love like pussy, grapes in my jello, sky diving, and sex toys that are so fun.  Can you imagine going through life without those things!  (I do like cock to)  so don’t worry guys!  🙂  So anyway I would say live life and try something new.  I’ll let you know how the pineapple works out for me.  xoxo