Weekend Delight the Sequel

Ha you can’t have a weekend without Friday and Saturday nights!  Slept in till around 10 after I ran Shaun back to Walmart at 7.  That was brutal, I could barely keep my eyes open.  Keith and the boys got back around 1.  Ran some errands with Keith then went to dinner with him for Father’s Day to Texas Roadhouse.  Couldn’t really talk out loud about the previous night so what I hadn’t told him we were texting each other at the table until the food came lol.  I didn’t really get to tell him anything Friday night with him away.  Not very good reception.  Was good and bad for different reasons.  Keith dropped me at Walmart to meet Mandy and Shaun then we went to his place.  So no scares Saturday for lover boy!  

Spent quite a bit of time making out and teasing Saturday.  Modeled some cute lingerie.  I brought the double ended dildo.  Shaun loved watching that lol.  Sara had warned Mandy of my seduction so the trick didn’t work to get her nailed.  But she did let Shaun get a couple of inches wet then she put him in me.  Yes I took 3 loads Saturday night.  Father’s Day and all I couldn’t let him pull out.  She did eat me after two of them.  Keith was able to message and watch some of the action via phones.  I think he was pretty worked up.  No complaints but I love his horny voice.  Kind of hypnotic.  Huge turn on for me knowing he is that horny.  Mandy was teasing him saying anything he wanted her to do with Shaun I had to do with Brad.  Once she was on him and had a couple inches in she looked right into the phone and asked Keith if she should fuck Shaun?  OMG it was so hot.  I think Shaun about died he thought he was going to get it all!  So Saturday was not as intimate with Shaun as Friday but the interaction was fun, lots of teasing and temptation and I love turning on Keith.  I very much enjoyed the variety and you have no idea how good Mandy is at eating pussy.  I am very spoiled.  Got a bit more sleep as well I think we were beat.  Came home after family left for church but made it by Young Womens.  Very fun weekend! 


I have had a mental block the last two weeks with two major events happening. Today I just woke up with a tension headache and was like wow too much stress. I am not a fan of headaches or stress. So slept some today, worked as little as possible, and looking forward to sleeping away the tension tonight. I had a chat with a guy today that had got blocked and then friended me again under another screen name on yahoo. I blocked him because he was just being too pushy. I liked him but he just had pushed too hard too often and finally I was done. We had a good talk today and I understand he felt the need to deceive me to continue to be a chat friend. I am not sure when Keith and I will play again but anytime someone lies it creates a trust issue as a possible playmate. For me I never move quickly into a sexual relationship with anyone because the truth about people always reveals itself. Not that trust can’t be earned but even in a normal friendship lying doesn’t work. If I’m going to fool around with someone my reputation, church membership, family, children, etc is at stake and I absolutely will not take a chance. Unless I trust you, I like you and your pretty dang hot your probably not my type . I’m already in a loving relationship I don’t need a replacement. I can assure you that no matter how wonderful you are or how big your cock is you will not be stealing me away from Keith. But if you can’t be trusted you will never ever experience an orgasm with me. So lesson to the wise in any type of relationship beware of a lie. If your fooling around be honest about it. I don’t take chances with people and you shouldn’t either. Regarding honesty as well with a spouse. If you are cheating you really are taking a HUGE chance. If you love your spouse and they aren’t interested in this it might be best to be okay with that and be faithful. If you are not madly in love it may be worth it. Just know that if you cheat your marriage may survive but it will never be the same. Marriage is a beautiful thing don’t screw it up.