Sports Fans

In particular BYU and Utah fans, although it is pretty universal across all fans of all teams.  Maybe my perspective is unique because of a decade of cheerleading.  Maybe not.  I love BYU.  I think most people that follow my blog or know me appreciate my passion for the Blue.  I will start with BYU.  Our fans have three very bad habits.  1. Unrealistic expectations.  Surprise!  Even before the days of Independence this flaw existed.  It keeps so many fans from enjoying the game.  Season after season is soured for them because of those losses that we should have won.  Solution is simply keep it real.  2. Believing that our losses somehow were our own doing.  The mentality that we beat ourselves is flawed.  Reality is more like they beat us.  A game is filled with mistakes, great plays, penalties and luck.  We don’t beat ourselves the other team has every thing to do with it.  Solution accept defeat graciously.  3.  Quit complaining about Independence.  We have had the opportunity of playing some incredible programs and many great teams have come to Provo that never would have.  When the time is right we will join a Conference but Independence has been good for BYU.  Solution accept your not the AD and enjoy the journey.  Now for the school up north.  Here are the Ute fan flaws.  1. When you lose own it don’t start talking about BYU.  It is okay to say we sucked against Oregon.  I only bring this up because it was the most recent example of deflection to BYU.  I get it your embarrassed but it’s ok.  You did not play BYU Saturday and look stupid bringing it up.  2. Stop talking about BYU.  Only one week a year should be focused on BYU that is game week.  I have never seen a fan base with more BYU envy than Utah.  They don’t even have a rival in the PAC12 yet because they are so focused on BYU.  In my personal opinion they will never achieve their Mountain West greatness again until they move on.  3. Letting College Game Day eff up great seasons.  Don’t lose your heads Ute fans.  It curses you like every time.  Solution for Ute fans is simple.  Become a BYU Cougar fan.  To all the fans of both schools I will predict BYU will own Utah in the next football game.  💙

To illustrate this rivalry I have a little tale.  Three friends were hiking in the Wasatch Mountains.  One a BYU Cougar fan, one a Utah State Aggie fan and one a Utah Ute fan.  They came across a magic lamp.  They brushed it off and a great and powerful Genie appeared.  He offered them each one wish for freeing him.  The Aggie fan wished that Cache Valley would remain pristine and beautiful forever.  The Genie granted his wish.  The Cougar fan asked that the Wicked be driven out of the city and land of Provo.  The Genie granted his wish as well and great walls appeared around the city and land of Provo as the wicked fled.  The Utah fan asked the Genie how big the walls were.  The Genie somewhat proud of his work said 50 feet tall and fifty feet wide.  The Utah fan said to the Genie fill it with water.  Moral of the story is this.  No one cares about Utah State only the cheese.  BYU fans have had their greatness and want that tradition to continue.  Finally Ute fans can’t leave BYU alone no matter what.  Despite busting the BCS twice as a Mountain West team when talking to Ute fans they cite 6 straight wins againsy BYU as the pinnacle of their greatest achievement.  How sad and no wonder they are a mid tier PAC12 team.  I don’t hate Utah football.  I can’t stand the basketball coach but that is another story.  Kyle Whittingham is a great coach and I often find myself cheering for him and the boys in Red.  I hope this new attitude makes the rivalry better and really Yewt fans brag about something far greater than a win over BYU.  A little secret I’ll share.  We expect Utah to beat us more often than not.  Your from the mighty PAC12 after all.  Utah fans you have two BCS bowls.  One more and you may equal the greatness of a 1984 Championship 😇.  

BYU Day 

We got up crazy early this morning to catch our flight at 6:30 in Boston.  Direct flight to Salt Lake.  Arrived at 10:18. Keith parents had dropped our Tahoe off at the Airport last night so retrieved that and headed to the BYU Football game.  Made it with time to spare.  First half I was thinking did they forget their was a game but no fear.  Half time adjustments and they won big 51-9.  Exciting second half.  Over 200 yards of rushing yards!  I was so excited to see our kids.  Love reunions at BYU games lol ❤️.  We went with friends to Tucanos after the game.  I so want Tucanos in Idaho Falls.  Like really bad.  Had a good conversation about it with the manager tonight.  He agreed that I needed one in Idaho Falls.  We came up with a list why and he said he would relay it along to the owners.  Oh and I had sooooo much grilled pineapple.  Delicious to the taste….very desirable.  It’s becoming a tradition for us.  When in Utah County we eat at Tucanos.  They would do so well in Idaho Falls.  After dinner went to the Marriott Center for the basketball game.  Sara and I visited with some of the girls on the squad.  Big day for them with both a football and basketball game.  They split up to cover.  They started with only 7 of them and the Cougarettes didn’t perform tonight at the basketball game.  By the second half they had 12.  They get to do it again next Saturday.  I don’t think I’ll get to go next week.  Too many family members that will be here for Thanksgiving that don’t get to attend often and only 8 tickets.  It will be fun though.  BYU vs Utah State for football and BYU vs UVU for basketball.  Great rivalry games.  At least not going I don’t have to make the long drive from Bear Lake lol.  Trying to find that silver lining.  It was a good day 😇. Excited for tomorrow to see old friends at church.  

BYU vs Boise State

Reality.  BYU took 14th ranked Boise State to the wire last night.  It was a fun game to watch and a frustrating one as well but truly some great football.  The BYU defense was awesome.  A few points to consider this morning if your still upset. 1. Jamal Williams did not play and we almost won.  Missed it barely.  2. Most people expected a great season this year if BYU went 7-5.  What changed?  Nothing.  They may go 8-4.  So don’t get your garments in knots.  3. Four losses by a combined 7 points.  Our boys in blue are competing at a high level.  4. Lastly the Sitake era at BYU is going to be fun and we are going to win a lot of games.  So change the attitude and find some perspective.  This has been an exciting year watching this team.  Rise and Shout! 

Game Night

BYU vs Mississippi State.  What a win in double overtime.  It’s 9:35 am and I’m still laying in bed recovering from a Cougar Tail hangover.  I haven’t had one since basketball season and even 4 inches was too much last night.  This year was just impossible to go down for Homecoming week.  With our oldest getting ready to leave for his mission and as much as I have been gone I just didn’t feel I could leave.  Lucky we made game day.  I needed a week at home and it was great.  Next year though I will be there and we will party.  Promise!  What I missed the most.  The cheer practice yesterday morning, the hike to the Y, the pre-game activities, the bookstore sales, alumni dinner.  I think this is the first year I didn’t climb the Y during Homecoming since I arrived at the Y for school.  Ugh I suck!  Dang!!!!  Not sure I can deal with that. 

Last night was sooooo awesome.  I love that we won!  It made the ride back to Park City bearable.  I was so completely tired.  I don’t remember even getting out of the car when we got there.  I think Keith took advantage of me last night.  Ladies be careful with those Cougar Tails.  Voice is gone to.  I cheered and screamed so hard.  I’m convinced I made a difference 😇.  BYU is on the rise again.  I think I spent more time running around chatting with friends than watching the game.  It was so so so so good to see everyone.  💙  Once a Cougar always a Cougar!  I am absolutely convinced that the greatest friendships are forged in college.  No matter how much time goes by it never fades.  What’s next for BYU?  Thursday next week vs Boise State which will be a real test.  I’m sorry I won’t be there for you BYU but I’m sending my hubby and 3 kids to cheer.  Win for me!  Here are a few pics for you.  Rise and Shout!  

Update…I can’t let this go.  I have rallied the troops we are headed to Provo to hike the Y.  

Utah Raiders

It’s official!  Utah is getting its own NFL franchise.  Now some of you will say wait Angie, Las Vegas is not part of Utah.  Las Vegas is very much Southern Utah.  So we will claim them and it will be amazing.  I am truly excited.  I don’t think I have been this excited in awhile.  I mean I don’t even like the NFL.  This however is very big news and something I couldn’t pass up.  I spent the day confirming the story.  SportsCenter was pretty convincing.  Keith told me it had been in the works for awhile.  I found this cool video on the new stadium.  Las Vegas Raiders Stadium  I know, it’s insanely cool!  Keith said we would go to every Monday Night Football game.  It would be like a Super Date!  I got online and ordered a bunch of stuff.  I found Raiders cups, beanies, scarves, hats, jerseys, tees and sweatshirts.  Ordered some for everyone in the family.  Then I realized I hadn’t seen hot chocolate mugs so I found those and I also found a dog bowl and water dish.  I probably got carried away but I’m a part of something pretty big now.  Did you know Raider fans are part of Raider Nation?  I’m like the newest member!  I thought it was only a college football thing with Cougar Nation.   I have arrived on the NFL landscape.  Be warned because I’m going to be an awesome fan.  Raider Nation I stand with you!