Greatest Sex EVER

After years of sex with hubby who I like, love, and adore.  Plus the added benefit of some occassional fooling around I have come to the conclusion that foreplay is the best sex.  Don’t get me wrong I think it would be awesome to go all the way with another guy.  But the reality of the situation is that not going all the way you definitely spend time on the other things that are all foreplay.  The best things are sometimes the wanting rather than having of something.  Perhaps someday I’ll have sex with someone else and admit I’m totally wrong but even with my husband who I have had lots of sex with the foreplay is what makes the experience epic.  So guys if your not taking some time and doing some things slow down, enjoy, and maybe even don’t give her sex.  She may love you for it.  Usually I give Keith sex because he has given me plenty of foreplay over the years with him and others so I don’t have to hold back.  🙂


One of my favorite things to do when I have fooled around is grinding in my panties. Especially thin silky sexy ones. Since I wasn’t going to have sex or go all the way it was fun to let the guy poke at my pussy through the panties. He could thrust and you can get a little penetration with some effort and little adjustments along the way. Amazing foreplay for sure. The guy will eventually cum to. And he can thrust which is very very very nice for him and you. I usually end up getting them pushed in me a little bit and pushed down my hips a bit with all the play but it is fun. So anyway good times., this is a great way to go to avoid bare grinding slips.

Musical Chairs

Have you ever played this game? Someone is playing music and you circle around a group of chairs and when the music stops you have to find an open chair or your out. The trick is every round has one less chair than people. When we were in college we made a variation on this innocent party game. Mandy, Sara, myself and few other friends changed the rules so you sat on a guys lap and could make out and touch until the music stopped and then you moved to the next guy. Had hours of fun making out with guys doing this. After we got married we allowed more but you always had to keep your clothes on. Anyway we got a lot of hot make outs this way, felt up, and many orgasms. It was always fun to have someone cum from this way, just totally turned up the hotness for everyone. Haven’t done it in awhile though. Maybe on the cruise.

Magical Journey to Orgasm

Otherwise known as Foreplay. No not Coldplay. It’s not about the music it’s about the orgasm. For most women it takes a little time to warm up. I love to make out. The passion that builds as the kisses deepen and the hands roam is like being intoxicated. Whether my nipples are played with, sucked, I’m being fingered or stroking him I just love the experience. Oral is always a good choice. Poor guys though sometimes lose interest after the Big Bang. So if you are wanting more, take your time and make sure to keep pulling him back or you lose your ride. Now if your up for hours of fun here is a little trick. Forget the guys and invite a girlfriend. Truly the best of a great night and on a parallel course to pleasure that keeps going.