I’m sorry 

Alabama Football I feel I let you down.  I was totally into the game and we were up 14-0 and then I got some very bad news.  Totally pulled me away from the game and yeah it didn’t go well for you.  I am sorry.  Truly I am.  May my friend and her family find peace in the loss of everything they owned yesterday.  It is a beautiful thing to see those stripped of everything unexpectedly find a strength and grace that is inspiring.  Alabama and my friend both get a next season.  ❤


I am just personally grateful for many great friends. What makes a friend ? Someone that takes joy in your good fortune. They hold your hand and cry with you during hard times. They sing, cry, dance, and spend time with you. They do not judge and they defend you when others do. True and loyal friends are more valuable than the riches of the world because they bring happiness. Be that kind of friend to someone. I love you guys that are my friends.