The Greatest Weekend

I am so excited. This is like the most awesome of awesome weekends in 2017.

Awesomeness cubed

So here goes. Friday morning we are headed to Utah early. We will be staying at my favorite place in Sundance this trip. We can ski in and out of the property and this will be our first stay we get to do that. Makes for a fun day and plenty of hot chocolate breaks lol. Friday night is our annual Christmas Movie with clients and friends. This year the movie is The Last Jedi. I can’t wait to see everyone and to see the Saga continue. I have been telling everyone there is some huge reveal in the movie. It is going to be EPIC!

Saturday we are having an early dinner at Tucanos then the BYU Utah basketball game. Rise and Shout Cougars! Beat the Pukes! Going to enjoy my 4 inches of Cougar Tail and milk at the game and we are going to make some noise! Sunday we will go to our old Ward. Will be nice to see everyone else. I can’t believe 2018 brings two years since we moved. Happiest of days reunited with friends.

Monday we will be skiing as I mentioned. Glad they have enough snow to finally open. Monday night we attend the Forgotten Carol concert at UVU. This is one of our favorite things to do. This is the 11th time but first in a couple of years. It will be a fun evening with friends and family. If you are unfamiliar with Michael McLean’s Forgotten Carols make the time to go see it. If you can’t buy the CD and Book. Uncle John will bring such Joy into your life. Here is a link to The Forgotten Carols.

The other thing I love about this concert is at the end everyone sings Together Forever. It is so powerful and such a way to set the stage for Christmas. Here is the video.

Together Forever

Tuesday we will sleep in, have a big breakfast and then head home. I can’t believe the stars lined up this way for “The Greatest Weekend of the Year.” But they did. Now if BYU wins it will be perfect. Go Cougars!

Last Getaway 

This has been a fun week and we managed to get a Last, Last Getaway in.  Wasn’t planning it but sometimes things just happen.  Tuesday I took my little guy to lunch and then we hit Walmart for a new video game.  He was very happy.  The boys ended up playing it the rest of the day until we made them go to bed.  Keith and I were able to pull a few strings and get a place in Jackson Hole for a night.  Wednesday morning we, including the dog, headed to Wyoming.  He was very happy.  Got there around 11, walked around a bit, then had lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family.  The place we stayed had an awesome home theater, so we ended up watching a movie and having Root Beer Floats.  I was chewing on some Bit O Honey candy and my crown came off.  Fortunately it was a tooth I had a root canal on so no pain.  Keith went to get some glue for it and Monday the Dentist gets to take care of it the right way.  Kinda sucked.  We had breakfast then headed home.  Ended Thursday with a Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  I got my last Bear pin.  Here is some pics of the property we got to stay in.

Friday I took our 13 year old to breakfast af IHOP.  We ordered extra bacon!  Always fun to negotiate for bacon, not just two slices.  Go big, like 8 slices!  After the bacon, I mean breakfast, we went to get him some new church shoes.  I think he was hoping for a video game.  I was like shoes are good right?  He reluctantly agreed.  Keith and I hit Smiths for mass quantities of food.  Lots of Utah peeps to feed.  Smiths was definitely busier today than usual with the Eclipse coming.  Took the kids to the pool this afternoon.  Was nice to relax for a couple of hours.  Keith’s parents and his brother & his family are coming in tomorrow and some other friends wil be trickling in Saturday and Sunday.  I told the Sunday travelers to leave early.

Tomorrow is our 22nd Anniversary.  We decided to go out to dinner tonight as tomorrow will be insane.  Was going to go somewhere really fancy but ended up at Texas Roadhouse.  I had the Filet Mignon and Shrimp plus a Virgin Margarita!  Tomorrow morning we are going to the Temple.  Should be back before family start to arrive.  Then tomorrow night we are doing a BBQ and outdoor movie Remember the Titans.  I am only doing Sacrament meeting Sunday because I need to be here when our friends start to arrive.  Keith says I’m cheating leaving early.  I told him I had it approved by the Bishop.  He just shook his head lol.  He has to stay.  Bishop didn’t approve him leaving early.  Checkmate!  Monday is the Eclipse as I’m sure you are aware.  We are in the 60 mile wide band of Totality.  I guess it is a pretty big deal.  We will even have a little Camp City at the Homestead.  Friends started calling last week asking if they could come up.  What else can you say?  We turned it into a party.  Big breakfast planned for Monday morning.    It’s going to be so good with lots of bacon.

Finally, ending the Summer the way I started it.  Tuesday Mandy, Sara and I are headed back to Hawaii.  We have dōTERRA classes and training on Oahu plus a class on Maui.  I am very excited.  Our business is growing there and it is not a bad place to be wanted.  Beach, sun and some naughty fun.  😇  Stay tuned.

Post Vacation

You know when you get home and you just need time to recover?  That did not happen for a few days.  We had a groundbreaking on Wednesday and guests started arriving Tuesday and more Wednesday morning.  Tuesday night we had a BBQ and stayed up late chatting.  Wednesday was the groundbreaking event.  Grateful so many came out to celebrate with us.  Most left Wednesday late afternoon, but those that stayed we had another party.  Ordered 20 pizzas and had rootbeer floats and just chilled while the kids played in the dark.  I think I fell asleep a couple of times.  Finally around 12:30 pm Thursday everyone was gone.  I love family and friends but I think I bit off too much for one week.  The return trip from vacation, guests, groundbreaking and another night of guests did me in.  🙂  Thursday I declared Jammies Day for myself and that’s exactly what I did.  Friday I got up and went running then we had a movie day.  We saw Cars 3, then went to Costa Vida for lunch, then we hit Pirates of the Caribbean.  Both awesome movies!  Need to catch a few more next week.  Saturday was the Idaho Falls Temple.  It just recently reopened after 3 years of renovation.  It was so nice having it open, Rexburg is always so busy.  I went on another long run Saturday, then we went four wheeling.  Today was nice seeing everyone at church.  We even had our Home Teachers this evening.  Right now I am making BLTs.  Seriously I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow.  I haven’t even thought that far ahead.  

The Yard House

Friday afternoon and evening have been a blast!  We got back to Honolulu about 12:15.  Grabbed some lunch then went to play with some dolphins!  They truly must be some of the most intelligent creatures God has created.  Maybe it’s just my imagination but I swear when they saw me they were knew it was me.  I got such a warm reception and they had so much to say.  I even met some of their friends.  It was fun to swim and play and get kisses.  Jack is a very confident dolphin 🐬.  Chip is talkative and playful.  My friend couldn’t stop laughing.  I had to tell them about my kids and promise them we would be visiting again this Summer.  Regarding dolphins.  Best. Experience. Ever!  Do it, just do it!  We said our goodbyes and after getting cleaned up and a short nap went out to this place called the Yard House for dinner.  I had a pepper crusted filet with parmesan mashed potatoes, asparagus and carrots.  For dessert we ordered the mini trio sampler of crème brûlée, peach apple cobbler and chocolate soufflé cake.  We also ordered the fresh baked mint chocolate chip brownie with caramel and toasted coconut ice cream.  We just shared it all so no guilt, we earned the desserts this week.  The Yard House is another Wakiki Angie approved destination.  It’s now 9:20 and I’m heading back to my family in the morning.  I am so looking forward to seeing them. 

Perfect Weekend

Have you ever had a perfect time?  One which you wish you could freeze.  Last night comes as close as perfection can get.  Friends and family joined us for an evening at the Summit View Retreat.  We told stories, ate food, shared hugs, cried, laughed and stayed up way too late.  Even after our guests left those of us staying here were up a few more hours.  The other parties this week were fun but last night was absolutely one of my precious moments I will remember forever.  I have been here in Park City a few times for the Sundance Film Festival but this by far exceeded my other experiences.  Beyond grateful to those that made it happen.  I can’t take credit for these parties, some very talented peeps stepped in and made it happen. I will say this, you  can never order enough grilled pineapple from Tucanos.  They were laughing at me when I told them how much to order.  It was enough, but barely.  I have not done parties at Sundance every year, but this was the first year we hosted parties of our own.  I keep asking myself why did we wait so long?  Today’s activities include skiing and snowboarding, a big Kneaders lunch, massages (we have a massage therapist here till 5), hot tub is open, and a few plan on hitting Main Street for a few hours.  Kids want to watch another movie or two in the theater.  Today I may hang with the kids 🙂  We are making a huge breakfast at 7, I may get up soon and start preparing.  I totally can’t sleep, way to over stimulated lol.  

Updated…We just served a breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, marbled eggs, hard boiled eggs, waffles, pancakes, French toast, scones, cinnamon roles, celestial toast, jam, sausage, ham, bacon…lots of bacon 🥓, orange juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, strawberries, bananas, oranges. You could make breakfast burritos if you want. We have a full on breakfast buffet.