I’m Just Me

I admit I’m a bit shy at times.  Vexing more often.  I am playful but probably not as playful as many would like.  I prefer to be in groups.  Maybe it’s the cheerleader in me.  Probably why I’m not very good in private chat.  My emotion and passion feed off those around me.  I like to be the center of attention.  For better or worse I’m good at it.  I am a flirt even when I’m not.  I think my smile tends to confuse others when it’s mostly my spirit saying hello.  Friendship is priceless no matter where it’s found.  I won’t apologize if I turn you on.  That’s a good thing right?  Forgive me if I confuse you.  Half the time I am confused.  I’m just me and that is all I know how to be.  


I am just personally grateful for many great friends. What makes a friend ? Someone that takes joy in your good fortune. They hold your hand and cry with you during hard times. They sing, cry, dance, and spend time with you. They do not judge and they defend you when others do. True and loyal friends are more valuable than the riches of the world because they bring happiness. Be that kind of friend to someone. I love you guys that are my friends.