Birthday 4.0

Today was the day.  I would like to say I turned 29 today.  Did not happen.  I have however had a spiritually sexual day lol.  What you say?  I will not tell all….but here are a few highlights.  My adventure started last night.  Keith took me to dinner with some friends to Texas Roadhouse.  I had the filet with shrimp.  Was sooooo good.  We finished up at the Chocolate for dessert.  One of my favorite places on Earth.  Side note here….if you haven’t had their hot chocolate you must try it.  Finished up with a date and enjoyed some fun in the back seat of the car.  

This morning we got up early.  Had breakfast at Kneaders, i had the all you can eat French toast, a side of sausage, hot chocolate and OJ.  We then started at the Mount Timpanogos Temple for initiatory work, next up off to the Provo Town Center Temple for an endowment session.  Thank you to Keith for being so good to run Sara, Mandy and I around all day.  We had a blast!

Tucanos was our lunch destination!  They were so excited to see me.  I got the first slices off a fresh pineapple.  Made me very happy.  I also had like 5 flavors of Brazilian Lemonade.  I love that stuff.  Keith surprised me with a cake.  I have no idea how because he was with us the whole time.  But like magic the cake was there and it was yummy!  

Next up we went south to the Payson Temple to do sealings.  I think Keith was excited to do sealings with all of us.  He would probably love the whole plural marriage thing if he could do it.  Someone had told me about doing a Temple day like this and I will admit it was fun.  We ate well and I got to hang out with my best friends and visit three Temples In a day.  

After we left Payson we went up to Thanksgiving Point and met Shaun for some fun.  I guess you could say it was a Naughty and Nice Birthday.  Ansolutely the best so far.  I did take a load tonight and Keith did get sloppy seconds.  It was a very fun couple of hours.  Very, very.  Shaun left a little after 7,  we went and had dinner at Dickies BBQ.  Todd and Brad joined us and then back to the hotel for more fun.  This is just between us so don’t tell, but I had 5 different guys dip or fuck me in the last 24 hours.  It was awesome!  I’m a little tired and tomorrow will be a busy day heading up to Idaho Falls but thank you Keith for an amazing Birthday!  I loved every minute of the past 24 hours.  The nice and the naughty!  xoxoxo to all that made it special.  

Weekend Delight + 1

It is not always easy to have a play date with Shaun.  Like everyone, he is busy and has a wife and family.  Takes planning and even though Keith is pretty flexible we lead pretty busy lives sometimes to.  But guess what?!   This weekend the stars aligned and everything worked out perfectly.  His wife was away with his kids until Sunday.  Friday night Keith had Fathers and Sons with our three boys and my daughter was away for the night with friends.  So the game plan was Shaun at my house for a sleepover Friday night and Saturday I went to his house for a sleepover.  

I think I scared him pretty bad Friday night.  I didn’t tell him Sara was going to join us.  He has met Mandy before but not Sara.  I met him at Walmart in Cedar Hills around 6, he left his car there and we went back to my place.  We had a couple of hours of catching up to do.  And catching up in your own bed is crazy hot!  Sara arrived around 9, let herself in, was calling for me.  Shaun was like going for the closet!  It was priceless.  You would not believe the relief when she came in the room and was like hmmmm, started without me?  She then gave me a very sensual kiss.  Shaun was easily convinced to come back to the bed.  

Honestly on a sleepover you really need a few people.  It just allows everyone to stay aroused and doesn’t slow down much.  I get that guys need a little recharge time but when I get that hot and bothered I can go for hours.  I do think Shaun enjoyed watching almost as much as playing.  Highlight of the night was when Sara was on top grinding on him I was behind her whispering naughty things in her ear, kissing her neck, and lightly stroking her back and sides.  I convinced her to let him dip the head.  I wanted her wetness up in me.  She let me position his cock at her hole and I had my hands on her hips and pulled her back on him.  OMG I love hearing that gasp!  First penetration is the most erotic thing in the world.  I think it’s my fault, but she got a little more than just the head.  Not much though.  Just a little!  Enough to cum on him though lol.  He was nice and wet when I slid down on him.  I love love love wet sex!  It was a very good night.  Sara doesn’t accept responsibility for the dip.  I have been warned payback could be pleasurable.  ❤️


Just completed a threefer tonight.  What is a threefer?  It’s a handjob, oral, and fuck all in the same day.  In any order.  So had oral at 5 am, then sex after church and tonight I gave him a handjob.  He is happily asleep lol.  It’s been a fun weekend.  This week won’t be too bad.  First event of the season starts Thursday.  

Afternoon Delight

Finally!  We have been trying to hook back up for way too long.  Busy schedules and the Holidays are what they are.  We have had to even reshedule a couple of times so it wasn’t for lack of trying.  Thursday it finally happened.  Shaun had a room for us there at Thanksgiving Point.  I got there a little after 2 and went up to the room, knocked on the door, he opened it and pulled me in.  It was just raw lust.  We were all over each other.  I barely got my pants off one leg and he was in me in two hard thrusts.  It is nice to be taken and wanted that bad.  Just a whole different level of passion.  I was able to get my pants off my other foot finally but it was a fast and furious fuck that lasted about 10 minutes.  He ended up pulling out and I swallowed a nice load cum.  Sometimes it’s just so good.  We ended up having until about 5 by ourselves and it was fun making out and catching up.  About 5 Keith showed up with a pizza, then got to watch Shaun and I fuck before Keith and I headed to the BYU basketball game.  After the game Keith and I went back and stayed the night and he got to take me in the bed I had fucked my lover in.  I really like fucking Shaun he is a lot of fun.  Just really awesome to connect on that level of passion and lust. A very good day!  Thank you Keith xoxoxo


Some of you that know me probably already suspect this.  A couple months ago I started texting Shaun again and things got hot fast.  Keith was ok with us trying again but not if Shaun wasn’t aware he knew.  Shaun and I got together for lunch and I told him Keith knew everything.  Shaun was pretty ok with it.  Bit surprised and had that OMG look but we had a good talk and he liked the possibilities.  🙂  we set up a date a few days later and got a room over at Courtyard Marriot at Thanksgiving Point.  Nice place by the way. Shaun texted Keith and told him we were going to have fun, hope he was ok with it.  If not better let him know.  I guess Keith wasn’t sure what to text back and was surprised to get the text.  No objection we decided to have fun…lots of fun.  He texted Keith to tell him he was in me.  That I really liked it.  He took me missionary like when we dipped.

We spent 7 hours in that room.  Even met him back there at 7 am the next morning for another 2 hours.  After I got home Keith and I went back to the hotel and fucked in the same bed.  It was so hot him taking me there in the same room and bed another guy had taken me in.  I think the visual stimuli from seeing the bed a mess was very hot for him.  Anyway fucking is very different than dipping.  It felt sooooooooo good.  We were all over each other before the door even closed.  I just wasn’t really sure how to share this post because it was such an intimate, pleasurable, and personal experience.  It felt really good to be honest with Shaun and I’m glad the guys are getting along well.  It’s hard to keep secrets it just seems that it gets in everyone’s heads.  Sex can be very intense both in bed and in your mind.  I felt like Shaun had fucked my body, mind, and soul.  Anyway maybe I’ll share a few more of my hook-ups with Shaun now that it’s no longer a sexcret.