A Year 

This time last year we were in the process of a grand adventure.  The “Move” to Idaho from Zion.  I will admit it was not an easy decision to pick up and leave family, friends and a home we loved.  All we knew was it was right.  Everythig in my mind, heart and soul led me to believe it was time for change.  So here we are a year later.  I can say without a doubt that those promptings were absolutely right.  So much has happened this past year.  Gratitude for many blessings and our new life here.  

This past week we finally took a break.  We celebrated Pioneer Day here in Idaho Falls.  BBQ and an outdoor movie made for a fun night.  I got a little crazy Tuesday and cleaned the house top to bottom.  I think I did everything twice.  Kids were murmuring.  We went to the Temple Friday.  

The kids wanted to start Friday Night Cinema for the rest of the Summer.  We had the first one this weekend with Iron Man.  It is so fun watching the movies outside under the stars.  The weather has been really nice.  Usually we are 5-10 degrees cooler than Zion.  I will not complain about that!  

Yesterday we got up early and took the four wheelers out to the dunes with some friends.  It was our first time since college out there and we had a blast.  Definitely want to do that again.  Keith has been wanting to buy some dirt bikes so Saturday after we got home the boys went motorcycle shopping.  He didn’t buy any yet, but he is wanting to bad.  There literally is no where to store them right now.  We really need to get this Barn and everything else done here at the Homestead so we can clear out the garage.  We need extra storage so bad it is crazy.  Our Garage and Food Storage runneth over.  

I have been packing all evening for our annual girl’s trip.  Mandy, Sara and I plus our daughters are headed to Boston and the Cape this week.  We have some school shopping to do, some sight seeing, beach time and a few dōTERRA classes to teach.  So we will be going hard and having fun.  My daughter has been bouncing off the walls she is so excited.  Flight time is at 8 am and we will meet up with the others in SLC at 9 and then arrive in Boston at 6 pm.  It is going to be an awesome week.  


Another Girl’s Camp in the books.  Year 2017 will be remembered for a variety of experiences.  Here are a few that I will treasure.  Being offered as Tribute from our ward to join the Expert Panel for Questions from the girls, the incident at the archery range where I was banned and the ensuing petition, almost flashlight vigil and the Justice4Angie message.  It really wasn’t my fault, but it was insanely crazy.  Loved the water fight with the super soakers and shooting the chipmunks with the water guns.  The testimonies by firelight and the time with these strong  young women.  Loved our movie night and hearing them giggling late into the night.  The hike, the morning trail runs, the clear nights and beautiful stars.  I loved it all.  

Girl’s Camp

So very excited.  So much fun planned, then more fun, then even more.  The girls are going to be begging for the fun to stop.  My first time at this Camp so if you don’t hear from me it is most likely lack of signal.  Epic memories forthcoming!  ♥️

Update….YW are so excited to.  I am not sure we can get much done in class.  Too much energy.  

Olympic Park 

We had a chance to do a few activities at Olympic Park while in Park City this week.  The Zip Line was awesome but the two most fun was the Extreme Tubing down the ski jumps.  That was insane!  We also did a bobsled run.  What an enlightening experience.  I have found an appreciation for this sport.  Although our bobsled was on wheels and we weren’t on ice and probably a dozen other differences as well it was stlll cool.  If you do it be aware you will get banged around a bit.  You were helmets but still quite a bit of being tossed around.  Scariest thing I did was stepping off the drop tower.  

A drop of 65 ft to hopefully not your death.  I don’t know why but my inner survival skills kept telling me no.  Our 13 year old showed me how to do it.  My ego could not allow that.  A very fun afternoon for everyone.  We had dinner at the Blue Iguana in Park City.  If you are looking for a fun outing a day here is worth the time.  If you take a group of 25 or more you can get a 15% discount if you arrange it ahead of time.  Just a tip.  ♥️

Summer Summer 

It has been fun to be home.  Haven’t really done a whole lot.  Caught up on a few movies, rode the 4 wheelers, some hiking and a spur of the moment trip to Walmart where Keith did some shopping.  A couple of nights with friends for games, homemade ice cream, and BBQ.  Keith set up one of the new tents for the kids this weekend.  They had to test the gear they bought in preparation for Father & Sons coming up.  They pretty much moved in.  Keith spent Thursday night out there with them.  The dog even wanted to sleep outside.  Last night they had some friends join them as well and I got Keith back but the dog is all about the camping out.  I have a feeling he is going camping with them.  I woke up today with a horrible headache.  I need to remember.  McDonalds is not for me.  Every time we eat there I get a bad headache.  McDonalds hangover or something.  Never again.  Monday we leave for Park City.  July 4th with friends and family until Friday.  Alpine slide and zip lining planned at Olympic Park.  We want to find some cool places to go hiking plus some rappelling if our friend can break away.  It should be a good week.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day.