Labor Day Weekend 2016

Well our first Holiday in Idaho.  My two best friends and their families are coming up for the long weekend.  They should all be here by 5.  Tonight’s plans include a tour, BBQ, game night.  Kids will probably play video games and watch a movie.  I am so excited to see Sara and Mandy!  Ok back to the plans.  Tomorrow we are going to start the day with homemade donuts and I have OJ, grape juice, apple juice and pineapple juice.  A juice for everyone!  Then I am taking S&M on a run.  We have a 5 miler planned so they can see the hood.  Around noon the hubbies are taking all the kids for lunch, then to see Pete’s Dragon.  After, they will pick up snacks for the BYU game and pizzas and hot wings.  Sara, Mandy and I get some catch up time.  Oh the things we have planned for our 5 hours of freedom.  Naughty things.  Very naughty things.  It will be fun I can promise you that.  So um where was I?!   Oh yes, the BYU game.  I personally believe BYU wins this game.  Big crowd, return of Hill as QB, new coaching staff.   They will be ready to make a statement.  Rise and Shout!  After celebrating the BYU win we plan to enjoy catching up on the deck.  Probably look at stars with Keith’s telescope and have hot chocolate.  Nights are cooling off but still nice to be out.  The stars are very bright out here where we live.  Sunday will bring church and a relaxing day.  Will make a big dinner and probably watch a movie.  Monday we are up early and headed to Jackson Hole for the day.  I think we leave by 8 so should have a nice full day up there.  I haven’t been there in years so looking forward to seeing it again.  Such a pretty area.  Basically our plans are to be tourists and eat and just enjoy.  I need to see if they have a zip line or something.  Maybe a good hike.  I’ll google today and see what else there is to do.  We will stay through dinner and then head back.  Tuesday everyone heads home and Keith and I get ready for our trip back to Utah.  Will get some fun with the boys then.  :). 


OMG I love to cum!  I usually can have a couple at a time.  I have heard others say it gets too much for them when they come, but I’m like virtually hanging on for the ride.  It’s almost when that wave of orgasm hits I just embrace it and won’t let go.  The impact is usually the biggest one but I’ll keep the vibe on or Keith knows to keep thrusting because I can get a few more.  It’s like they just continue to crash into me.  It’s like a painful pleasure and boom boom boom and three more.  I have literally passed out from them before.  Give me 5 minutes and I can go again.  I usually need more stimulation than just sex to get to that kind of intensity and to cum, but it is so worth it.  I think one of the things, as there are many, that I enjoy with a girl is you can literally go all day.  Guys wear out, with a girl that’s still wanting more, it’s hours of losing yourself in orgasmic pleasure.  I like both for sure but sometimes it’s just nice to be on a sexual high for hours.  ūüėá


I have an event here in Salt Lake that started yesterday. Overnight events my clients offer a room if I want to stay on site.  Last night Sarah came up for a sleep over.   It has been weeks since I have had some fun like that.  Meaning several orgasms and sleeping naked.  Sarah got here a little after 9 and after some apple pie, milk, and ice cream from room service we broke in the bed.  One of the things I have been wanting to try is fisting.  We have done it with three fingers but never like the whole hand.  I guess we only have done fingering lol.  So we did try it last night.  Got close but I think we were both too scared to actually go for it. But what we did was soooo good.  Love being that horny and feeling stretched.  After a night of kissing, scissoring, oral, and fisting (or a close as we dared)!I can honestly say I am feeling very satisfied today.  I hear there is a trick with the thumb or something you have to do.  Guess maybe we will figure it out.