Have you ever noticed how some people surround themselves with drama? If it isn’t naturally occurring they fabricate it. I am convinced there are just some people in this world that crave the attention and enjoy inflicting misery on others that some good old fashioned drama delivers. The ultimate puppet masters are those that can create emotion in others and get a reaction. They revel in seeing someone try and strike back or sink into depression because of their craft in pulling the strings. A few things I have learned in my lifetime. I admit not having been perfect in this thing but even my failures have brought valuable experience. So here goes. It’s ok to be hurt but don’t react. They want to see you react in any way. This is the ultimate rush for them. By offering no energy to their drama it diffuses quickly. It may change the nature of the relationship. You may no longer wish to be a friend or tell your secrets. I think that is a normal thing but by choosing to turn the other cheek and not react eventually they move on. Your no fun if you can’t be manipulated. They begin to look for a new victim that will play their game. Usually those that surround themselves with drama have few friends and they tend to run in packs. So they have fiercely loyal friends that enjoy playing the game with them. So be aware if you become the victim of a drama feud you are dealing with the pack. Definitely best to just remain quiet and offer no energy so you can be forgotten about. No matter what you do within the pack you will forever be the puppet so be okay with it because at the end of the day they are the only ones that believe it. Usually when they try to spread the rumors ever one else thinks they are crazy, gossips, spiteful and would prefer simply to just move on quickly and not get sucked into the drama themselves. So have the courage to not wage battles that can’t be won. Not to validate those that try and hurt you by giving any energy to their ugliness, and to sleep well at night despite others ignorance. Life is too short to deal with the stupid.