Make Out Memories

When I was in high school and college I loved to make out.  It was too risky at home, although a few times we did that to.  The best place was in the car.  The added benefit was you could more easily keep it from going too far as opposed to a couch or bed.  A couple of times in high school we swapped make out partners when out with friends.  Just something really hot kissing and petting with someone new and totally erotic especially hearing the breathing getting deeper and a gasp or two.  The most intense though was when someone cums. I loved the windows steaming up and the smell of arousal.  I made it to marriage with my virginity, but barely.  I still enjoyed a few hot make out swaps while engaged and after marriage.  It was fun to start with someone else then Keith fucking me in the car with friends.  They weren’t having sex yet so I loved the foreplay and the finish.  I considered it education.  I was going to school to become a teacher after all.  The craziest though was a few times there were 3 couples.  The threesome make outs were the absolute best.  Grinding and swapping.  Several sessions went almost all night.  Word to the wise, bring a box of tissues lol.  Happy memories.  Still enjoy some fun in the car when I get a chance.  😇

Weekend Delight + 1

It is not always easy to have a play date with Shaun.  Like everyone, he is busy and has a wife and family.  Takes planning and even though Keith is pretty flexible we lead pretty busy lives sometimes to.  But guess what?!   This weekend the stars aligned and everything worked out perfectly.  His wife was away with his kids until Sunday.  Friday night Keith had Fathers and Sons with our three boys and my daughter was away for the night with friends.  So the game plan was Shaun at my house for a sleepover Friday night and Saturday I went to his house for a sleepover.  

I think I scared him pretty bad Friday night.  I didn’t tell him Sara was going to join us.  He has met Mandy before but not Sara.  I met him at Walmart in Cedar Hills around 6, he left his car there and we went back to my place.  We had a couple of hours of catching up to do.  And catching up in your own bed is crazy hot!  Sara arrived around 9, let herself in, was calling for me.  Shaun was like going for the closet!  It was priceless.  You would not believe the relief when she came in the room and was like hmmmm, started without me?  She then gave me a very sensual kiss.  Shaun was easily convinced to come back to the bed.  

Honestly on a sleepover you really need a few people.  It just allows everyone to stay aroused and doesn’t slow down much.  I get that guys need a little recharge time but when I get that hot and bothered I can go for hours.  I do think Shaun enjoyed watching almost as much as playing.  Highlight of the night was when Sara was on top grinding on him I was behind her whispering naughty things in her ear, kissing her neck, and lightly stroking her back and sides.  I convinced her to let him dip the head.  I wanted her wetness up in me.  She let me position his cock at her hole and I had my hands on her hips and pulled her back on him.  OMG I love hearing that gasp!  First penetration is the most erotic thing in the world.  I think it’s my fault, but she got a little more than just the head.  Not much though.  Just a little!  Enough to cum on him though lol.  He was nice and wet when I slid down on him.  I love love love wet sex!  It was a very good night.  Sara doesn’t accept responsibility for the dip.  I have been warned payback could be pleasurable.  ❤️

Jake the Conclusion

We left the hot tub, he was hard and it was obvious.  Fortunately we didn’t run into anyone on the way to my room.  We were already horny from the teasing and negotiation so the swim suits were off pretty fast.  I had his cock in my mouth before he hit the bed.  Gave him head for about 5 minutes before he blew his first load and yes I did swallow.  He softened a little but not much.  I love when a guy is really horny where even cumming doesn’t kill the night.  We talked a bit more, he wanted to know what I had done and had questions about Keith and I.  Texted Keith a few times and Jake kept saying “fuck I can’t believe this.”  I took a few pics for Keith and sent them to him.  He was pretty excited as well from his messages and things just kept feeling hotter and hotter.  Keith wanted to see me teasing Jake so I gave him a little more head and was rubbing his cock on my breasts and nipples.  Then I got on top of him and we were grinding.  Got a few pics of his cock in my pussy lips.  Even took a couple that made it look like he was in me.  I will admit those were hot!  Drove Keith insane.  

Did lots of teasing with his head pressing into my hole.  Just enough to see it going in but not going in.  It felt sooooo fucking good.  I was stroking him and would pause and push it forward through my lips to slide across my clit.  Just jabs of pleasure every couple of minutes.  Then back down to my hole.  You reach a point it just feels so good it’s hard not to do it.  I got off and laid back and he went for my pussy.  I will say that I prefer girls giving me oral but either I was way beyond aroused and just needed to cum or he was actually pretty good but whatever I didn’t last long.  I think that was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.  I calmed down a little, then I got him off again.  He slipped out of my room around 2 am and I crashed.  I really like Jake it was fun.  Very respectful and not in a hurry which is always nice.  Great cock to.  Big head :). 


One of the most fun sex toys is the vibrating egg. The best way to play with it is with another girl. If you have not tried this I highly recommend it. Get naked and grind together but put the egg between you so you can both enjoy the experience. Takes a little bit of practice to keep it where it’s stimulating you both but not much. Just adds some fun to an otherwise already pleasurable experience. The egg just heightens the pleasure to a whole new level. You can also use the egg primarily on just one of you and when your grinding it just really pushes you into crazy orgasms. Just like with oral some can enjoy 69 others prefer to focus on their friend. I am not a fan of 69 I can’t concentrate lol but the egg for me is so enjoyable with a friend. Incredible orgasms when you get off this way to. I think I already mentioned that once. So hope you enjoy!

Grinding Into Panties

You know it has been a successful session of grinding in your panties when the guy pulls out and your panties have been pushed up inside you. Soaked. You then have to pull them out. Yes it can be done. Usually lots of adjustments and moving them around and him thrusting hard into them but they can be thrust into you a couple inches. God that feels crazy good. Kind of cheating doing it this way but very naughty and fun.