Temple surprise 

About a year after getting married we were at BYU going to school.  Mandy and Sarah were still single but starting to get serious with some guys.  Definitely still playing.  Sarah introduced me to a guy that I really liked.  She had fooled around with him a couple of times and invited me to play with them.  I went over and ended up making out and gave him head.  Was just a fun hook up.  A few weeks later Keith and I were in the Provo temple and he was in the session with us.  After we got to the Celestial room I introduced him to Keith and we slipped into a corner and chatted quietly.  He asked if I would be up for some more play and we set a date and got together again a few more times.  He was the first guy I actually sucked off while Keith was fucking me.  Nice guy, great body, and he got the head wet a few times.  Definitely fun, very naughty flirting with him in the temple with my husband with us.  Highlights with him was sneaking into his apartment and staying most of the night.  Playing naked in his bed.  He came in me twice.  Almost got caught by his roommate.  3 girls and him in a hotel room.  Keith and him playing with me.  Fun times fun semester.