I think there is 3 criteria for evaluating a cock. First length, second thickness, and finally hardness. I enjoy thickness, that’s easy. Length isn’t as big a factor as long as it’s not too short. But hardness….mmmm. A really hard cock is like the absolute best thing ever. Especially one hard and bouncy and drooling cum. When a guy is so turned on he cums and doesn’t go soft you are like at the peak of sexual pleasure because you get more lol. He is totally lost in lust. Raw passion. Usually the second round is even better. I think that is one of the benefits of fooling around is guys are super hard with someone new or someone they are not with often. When a guy is with someone married it’s like throwing gasoline on the fire with their level of excitement. I know the guys I have enjoyed were like so into the moment. Raging hard to. The extra fun makes hubby hard as possible as well. Feels better for him and me. I honestly am not entirely convinced monogamy is the way it’s supposed to be. I believe marriage is ordained of God. But when you can play with others in a good relationship it just makes everything amazing. I know people that cheat and there are a lot of reasons they do. Totally not judging because everyone has different situations going on. I will say doing this with the person you love is way way more exciting. Oh and lots of really hard cocks.

Cock Size

Does size really matter?  Sorry guys but yes, yes it does.  The other factor though that really makes a difference is hardness.  I once heard a joke about a woodpecker.  I am not the best joke teller so please forgive me destroying this but it illustrates the story well.  Two woodpeckers get together at the ones tree.  The one woodpecker drills through the bark very easily.  The one woodpecker asks why he can so easily drill the new tree and the other says a pecker is always harder away from home.  I love a hard throbbing drooling cock.  Keith is 7 inches and thick.  I like his size. Almost always he is hard but yeah playing with another guys though they are always throbbing.  You know a guy is like in total lust when it just won’t go down.  You push it down and it jumps back up.  That is the type of cock you just love to grind on or dip with.  I have never had another guys cock all the way in me so I couldn’t judge that but I sure love my 8 and 9 inch dildos.  I have never played with a guy smaller than 6 inches and doubt I would be interested.  A big head on the top is a treat as well.  But I would say for me 7 or 8 inches and really hard is what does it for me.  Love it when Keith gets really turned on.  Girls have you ever had a guy so horny that he cums and then keeps going?  Doesn’t even go down.  OMG that is like the ultimate rush.  🙂