Hallowed Eve 2017

Well tonight is the Annual Hallowed Eve Event I put on.   I am very excited.  I have been planning this for weeks and months and really since last year.  It is probably my biggest personal event I do.  We spend a lot of money and time to make it freaking unbelievable.  We have it in stages.  Early is for the younglings.  As the night progresses and the young kids get taken home we evolve it to be more interesting for teens and the adults.  I have some red balloons 🎈 that for those of us older know IT!  lol The big reveal for those that are older will come later.  We have a Haunted house set up in the future racquetball court in the Barn.  We have bobbing for apples, the Halloween Costume Runway, dancing, lots of great food and later Pennywise shows up.  Oh it is going to be so awesome.  Peeps are going to freak!  You have no idea how scared they are going to be.  Anyway next year is my 20th year of doing the Annual Hallowed Eve Event.  The Barn will be done.  I have already started to plan for next year.  I have something very special planned.  We found this video last night (link below) and we are so doing this.  It will be so incredible.  Witchfest at the Homestead!  Enjoy the video.  I’m going to be a witch next year in case it is not obvious lol.  Don’t overdose on the sugary treats!

Witch Dance