The Eclipse and Hawaii

Ok no need to bend my arm for a business trip to Hawaii.  Our dōTERRA team there is thriving.  We have some wonderful new friends in Hawaii that have caught the vision of essential oils and the support we offer is critical to their success.  So as we started the Summer, we ended the Summer.  In Hawaii!  

The highlights of the week included the Totality Eclipse in Idaho Falls.  Many descended on our little paradise.  Some for several days.  But it was an incredible Solar Episode.  I made that term up, just saying 🙂  Here are some pics, I won’t take credit for, as they are not mine.  They were taken by an amazing photographer we know.

Tuesday Mandy, Sara and I left for Hawaii again.  We got in about 2 pm Paradise Time and prepped for a team party.  We had a catered event which included fire dancers.  Super fun night.  Included a little training, lots of fun, amazing food and FIRE!  Here was my room at in the property we stayed in at Kailua Bay.  

Some naughty things happened in that bed!  The first night, by the time everyone left, we all were like Zombies.  I don’t even remember falling asleep.  Wednesday night and Thursday night we had some more training and classes.  We rotated teaching and honestly we rocked it!  Wednesday we also went to see Jack and Chip.  They are such smart dolphins.  Totally remember you and had a bunch of questions.  We swam and played and talked.  I told them all about the kids and dōTERRA and the Homestead.  They would love to visit but no oceans but they loved hearing about Idaho.  

Wednesday night we finally had some girl time.  I don’t think I have ever been so hungry for pussy.  The double dildo came out and we made up for lost time.  I love really wet sex.  I fell asleep and woke up and Mandy and Sara were going at it.  I joined in again and Mandy fell asleep.  I don’t think Sara slept at all.  I lost count of my orgasms.  We slept in Thursday and then slept on the beach recovering lol.  It was good, very good.  Friday we caught a flight to Maui.  We had some of our team with us so no naughty play on Friday night.  
We had a dōTERRA class on Friday evening at the property we stayed at in Wailea.  Some of our friends in Kahului came down as well.  We had so much fun and fed everyone.  You do that in Hawaii.  Feed those you care and love.  I’m all about tradition and entertaining.  By Saturday afternoon everyone had left and we had our last hoorah.  Below is my room, the pool and view.  This property was literally like staying in a garden.  I love this place.  

The problem with Sex is when you have it you want more. All week after coming home I have been craving pussy.  I think my favorite sexual activity with girls is the double ended dildo.  It is just such a naughty, deliciously decadent, thing to do.  We also brought a strap on and a rabbit.  We each had to put one in our suitcases to be fair lol.  I’m sure the airport peeps were like WTF?!  Lol   

I love attending church when traveling.  It is fun meeting new peeps.  After church we headed bank to Oahu to spend the night at our friends home.  Monday we flew home, Keith gave them their back to school Father’s blessings and kids started school on Tuesday.  I got up early to make their favorite breakfast.  Then had to crash for several hours for a nap.  Was so tired but proud of myself for making their first day special.  Another Summer in the books and now my focus is on the Barn and a couple of Fall events.  Hoping for an Indian Summer.  


3 Nephi 17:16-17

I have pondered this scripture many times.  Imaging how something could be so beautiful they could not write the words.  I think I got a little bit of understanding this week in the Garden of Kauai.  I now know there are things not meant to be captured by words or pics but remembered from experience.  

We left the Big Island of Hawaii Tuesday afternoon and after a stop in Honolulu caught our flight on to Kauai.  We picked up the SUV there in Lihue and headed north to Kilauea where we are staying.  On the way up we stopped for a treat and OMG!  Seriously think I am addicted. 

The property we stayed at in Kilauea had an incredible pool.  We spent all of Tuesday evening outside enjoying a beautiful night and a big chunk of Wednesday as well,  

It was truly like our own resort.  There was even a bar in the pool.  The kids and Keith thought that was the absolute coolest thing ever.  

Fortunately we didn’t have to eat out much on this trip, but when we do, we like to find fun unique places to go.  In Princeville there is a really cool place called Tiki INiki 

I was so hungry i ordered the Grilled Ribeye.  That steak really hit the spot.  Tiki INiki had a great atmosphere.  They were even creative with some non-alcoholic drinks.  

We finally got around to the store after to grab some food for the rest of our stay.  

Thursday was the first day of the rest of our adventures.  We got up early and headed West to the end of the road.  Literally.  Road stops there at Ke’e Beach.  This is also where the Hanakapiai Trail starts.  

Yeah…I will share some pics ahead but they do not do justice to the visual experience you will have if you come here yourself.  

The trail is 2 miles in from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapiai Beach.  The signs are very real and you do not go into the ocean there.  You can totally enjoy the beach and some nearby caves.  The water is beautiful but deadly.  From the beach we hiked another 2 miles to the Hanakapiai Falls.  This was a pretty difficult hike.  Had to cross the stream several times and a few scrapes along the way but we made it.  We went for a swim and cooled off in the Falls.  The size of the Falls doesn’t look very big from the pic but it was huge.  Hundreds of feet high.  Incredible pool to swim in.  Took us about 6 hours to get up and back.  I think we made pretty good time even with the swim.  We spent another couple of hours at Ke’e Beach then headed for an early dinner at the Kalypso in Hanalei.  Ordered a virgin margarita and a pitcher of water to start.  We had fish and chips and burgers for dinner.  Very fun day and a very tired family.  

Friday brought our second day of adventure with the Halii Zip Line.  Another early start and a 40 minute drive to Lihue.  The Zip Line is seven lines of thrill.  First time the kids have done Zip Lines.  Our little guy is 9 and he was fearless.  The others were a little nervous but the we got them settled down.  I don’t think they wanted to get left behind so they found some courage.  We had lunch and a swim at Hidden Falls.  The kids were so glad for that.  It was a hot and humid day.

We got back to Kilauea about 4:30 and enjoyed another evening at the pool.  We had Hoagies and fruit salad for dinner.  
Saturday brought day three of our adventure and the final day of on Kauai.  We had to get up super early because the drive down to Port Allen is like an hour in the best of circumstances.  We gave ourselves two hours.  A friend recommended Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventure to us, so we did the Na’Pali snorkel and BBQ lunch cruise.  They have these 65′ Catamaran Yauhts.  I honestly don’t really have the words, as I mentioned above, when I started this post.  I believe Na’Pali to be a sacred place.  It is a Temple and a Garden.  I have no doubt God is an artist.  Beauty has the capacity to humble us and testifies there is a God.  I have seen the wonder of creation and it truly took some time to process.  Please forgive the pics.  They do not capture truly what we saw.  

The dolphins were such a nice surprise.  Even in the wild they love to play and show off.  Very curious to see what we were up to.  Today was one of the greatest days of my life and I am grateful it was saved as our last for this vacation.  Definitely want to return and see it by helicopter next time.  We ended the day back in Kilauea and we made ribs, steak, potato salad, fruit salad and grilled pineapple for Father’s Day for Keith.  Wanted to treat him to a feast since we are traveling tomorrow evening.

I made a big breakfast for Keith this morning.  He was served in bed.  We went into Hanalei for church.  They have a Branch there.  The Saints are so kind.  I love to attend church when we are away.  We are getting things packed and will be leaving around 5 for Lihue and our flight home.  I am glad we get to fly into Honolulu one for time to see Oahu.  We fly home tonight and will be back to Idaho Falls around noon tomorrow.  Aloha Hawaii.  

Sorry for the long posts.  I’ll cut them back in the future.  So much to share on this vacation though.  Thank you for indulging me.  

The Big Island 

This has been the most relaxing part of our vacation so far.  Less adventure but plenty of beach time.  We are staying in a property right next to the Mauna Lani Resort at Pauoa Bay.  So we have access to the Resort and all the amenities, plus our own private beach as well and oh we have taken advantage of it.  This has been our view for the past week.  

My parents arrived Wednesday late afternoon.  They went to bed pretty early, that four hour time adjustment is a beast.  We did make it back in time to see the sunset.  I quote my mother here “breathtaking.”  She actually cried.  It was one of those moments I will never forget.  

My parents haven’t enjoyed a “real” vacation in decades.  My daddy retired this past year, then had surgery, now finally starting to enjoy retirement with this trip.  I’m so glad they came.  After they went to bed Keith and I went to the store for groceries and then over to the resort to enjoy the some night life.

Thursday we had no plans.  The kids and I went exploring the Resort.  Spent time at the beach and the pools.  Had a virgin margarita and scheduled some massages for Friday for my mom and I.  Bought some souvenirs.  

Friday morning we went to the Kona Hawaii Temple.  The older kids and I did baptisms.  My mom stayed out with our youngest and they slipped away for ice cream after a walk around the grounds.  After baptisms our daughter drove the kids back and we did a Session with my parents.   

Friday afternoon my mom and I enjoyed 90 minute hot rock massages.  OMG it was sooooo good.  The wet sauna was a great way to finish our spa time.  The eucalyptus was a nice touch.  It was a very, very good day.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you!!!!   I Finally got a tan.  A real Hawaiian one.  I was walking by a mirror and stopped dead in my tracks, had to look twice.  I had to run and show Keith and yeah.    He may have explored my tan lines lol.  Maybe this one wlll last longer since it is was a kiss from Hawaiian Sun.  Yay for me!  

Saturday the men went golfing early.  The rest of us had a lazy morning.  Went out for some treats after lunch and then I booked some activities for the remainder of our trip on Kauai.  Saturday night we enjoyed a Luau and entertainment.  Loved all of it but the fire dancing was incredible!

Sunday we attended church in Waimea.  The Saints are so kind and friendly.  Waimea is about 30 minute drive East.  

Monday was our grand adventure.  We left around 9 am and drove to Hilo.  We drove inland there, past the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve, and back via the coast.  The 90 minutes was about 3 hours each way with a couple of stops.  We had a helicopter tour that was about an hour that just blew my mind.  It is surreal to think that Hawaii is a volcano.  I mean there is actual lava flows and it is active.  I would highly recommend Safari Helicopter Tours.  The pilot was great and despite a little anxiousness it all worked out.  

Tuesday came too quickly.  We had a big breakfast then started on the checkout list.  Keith ran my parents to the airport and to turn in the Suburban.  We took the shuttle to the airport and joined him for our flight to Kauai.  One tip I now know.  Island Air and Hawaiian Airlines both offer flights between the islands.  They are both good Airlines.  Island Air flies at lower altitude because of the type of plane they have.  This is good because you can really enjoy the views.  However all their flights go through their hub in Honolulu.  So flying from Maui to the Big Island you go first to Oahu.  Then from the Big Island to Kauai you go first to Oahu.  It is a beautiful flight but takes much longer.  Hawaiian Airlines has direct flights which take like 30 minutes to an hour instead of 3 hours.  In the future I will use Island Air for flights to and from Oahu but Hawaiian Airlines from the other islands so I don’t have to fly into Honolulu for the stop.  Just passing along some experience lol.  ❤️. Kauai your up next.  Praying for good weather.  Fun to be had.  


We left Idaho Falls bright and early Monday.  Stops in SLC and LAX on the way to Honolulu.  Arrived there at 1:45 Paradise Time.  Picked up the Explorer and headed to our destination for 4 nights on the East Shores of Kailua Bay.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The beach was about as perfect as you can imagine.  We had 90 ft of beach behind the property plus beach to the north and beach to the south.  It was INCREDIBLE.  The sunrises were breathtaking as well.  I think almost every room had a view of the beach.  See pics below.

Monday night we were invited to a friends for a Memorial Day Feast.  It was fun meeting many of their close friends.  Very long day and when we finally did get to bed we were exhausted.  Tuesday we had a pretty chill morning.  Went to grab some groceries and enjoyed the pool and beach.  Sara and Mandy were getting in about 2 pm so we picked them up and went and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  Tuesday night we had a pretty big dōTERRA class with 26 people.  Finally everyone left at about midnight.  Sara was so tired she was incoherent.  We were entering orders until about 2 am.  I was so happy for bed.  Wednesday I got up in time to see the sunrise and then went for a run.  So beautiful.  Took a nap after breakfast.  Sara and Mandy finally got up around 10.  Today was our day with the dolphins.  The kids were so excited and I just want to say this day was one of the best moments of our lives.  Jack and Chip were very talkative as usual and so much energy.  Kids and dolphins 🐬 are a perfect match.  Jack posed for this pic. 

Thursday we all got up for the sunrise.  Enjoyed the beach for awhile then up to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the afternoon.  Got some tees and souvenirs and didn’t have enough time to see it all.  We didn’t stay for dinner as Mandy, Sara and I had another dōTERRA class that evening.  Need to go back for sure.  Friday we didn’t go anywhere.  Enjoyed our last day here on Oahu on the beach.  After lunch we started to do the check out list and then were dropped off at the airport for our flight to Maui.  Hugs and goodbyes to my best friends.  They had an 8:45 flight later back to Utah.  Great way to go home by flying through the night.  I already miss them.  I’ll update Maui in a couple of days.  Honestly a lot of rest and relaxation is planned lol.  ❤️


Ok I have most everything packed and ready for our grand adventure.  I am the only one with two bags of luggage.  Rather proud of myself that I got it all in just two bags and only used a third of each of the two younger boys bags lol.  But I did it!  Three weeks away from home.  I don’t know what I’ll need, things come up.  I know I will use hiking boots, running shoes, heels, sandals, flip flops and house shoes.  We did pack lots of shorts and tees and swimsuits.  We are the people that buy tee shirts everywhere we go.  So between all the BYU apparel, Idaho, Park City, U2, Graceland Ninjaz, etc it will be very obvious we are tourists.  Definitely will nbe Reppin’ the Y.  We also have church clothes and jeans to.  I am sure we wlll be prepared for whatever circumstances find us.  I can’t wait.  Hawaii here we come!