Christmas Shopping List 

This is our Christmas shopping list for the kids.  

  1. Something to wear 
  2. Something to share
  3. Something to read
  4. Something for play
  5. Something just because 

We don’t do a lot.  We have found it allows us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  We go caroling, make treats, laugh…a lot, watch old movies, whatever we spend we spend double to the Bishop for others.  God lives and may the spirit of peace find so many this season that are suffering.  Merry Christmas to all as the season is here again.  


You know how there are the extreme sport enthusiasts?  They get out there and do some crazy stuff.  Adrenaline junkies.  I realized I am an Extreme Holidaist.  I get such a rush out of the Holidays and making them memorable.  Maybe it’s because there already is a sense of emotion and excitement already there.  It draws me to it like a moth to a flame.  Possibly i just want these precious moments to be remembered forever by those I love.  Whatever it is though I’ll figure a way to enjoy the intensity of it.  I am so excited for Christmas and New Years.  I can hardly stand it!  

Love Christmas Break

The tree is up…best I have ever done!  Rivals anything at the Festival of Trees.  My Corporate Christmas Parties are done…14 in three weeks this year.  I had my catch up day and today is the official start of my Christmas.  Starting it off right with Star Wars tonight at 7:00 and yes we are all overly excited.  The whole family is going with a bunch of friends.  Tomorrow BYU beating Utah will cap an amazing weekend then dinner with Keith.  Christmas shopping starts Monday.  Holidays.  Then back to work Febuary 1st.  I am so happy!  I survived another Holiday run.


Ok the tree is up, house is decorated and the Christmas Devotional with the First Presidency has been watched. I woke up today and realized Its only two weeks until Christmas. I just realized oh my heck I haven’t bought any Christmas gifts yet. I need to get busy like fast. We do our best to not make Christmas about all that but still we need some gifts and I’m way behind. Tis the Season I better get on board. I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Always running behind and need to be somewhere. I want to be more like Alice. Curious and present in the moment. It will pass I only have 10 days left. Then I can be my normal self and back to normal

Challenging Week

I am a positive person generally. I love the Holidays but this week feels overwhelming. Lots of events and I’m still tired from last week. Woke up with a headache today stressing and I think dehydrated. So going to pound the water all morning and try to put down the headache. I am grateful for everything and will survive but I am so looking forward to the last event on December 20th.