Hallowed Eve 2017

Well tonight is the Annual Hallowed Eve Event I put on.   I am very excited.  I have been planning this for weeks and months and really since last year.  It is probably my biggest personal event I do.  We spend a lot of money and time to make it freaking unbelievable.  We have it in stages.  Early is for the younglings.  As the night progresses and the young kids get taken home we evolve it to be more interesting for teens and the adults.  I have some red balloons 🎈 that for those of us older know IT!  lol The big reveal for those that are older will come later.  We have a Haunted house set up in the future racquetball court in the Barn.  We have bobbing for apples, the Halloween Costume Runway, dancing, lots of great food and later Pennywise shows up.  Oh it is going to be so awesome.  Peeps are going to freak!  You have no idea how scared they are going to be.  Anyway next year is my 20th year of doing the Annual Hallowed Eve Event.  The Barn will be done.  I have already started to plan for next year.  I have something very special planned.  We found this video last night (link below) and we are so doing this.  It will be so incredible.  Witchfest at the Homestead!  Enjoy the video.  I’m going to be a witch next year in case it is not obvious lol.  Don’t overdose on the sugary treats!

Witch Dance

My Christmas Plans

My first goal this Christmas season is not to get sick!  I go so hard with work this time of year I find myself at risk, but this year I’m desternined not to succumb.  Now on to the plans.  My family will be here on the 16th.  We have been renting out a theater for the past 5 years for my event clients, friends and family.  This year we will see Star Wars Rogue One. The Megaplex is preparing for us!  Jake has been given some assistants because everyone will be asking for him in concessions.  He is excited to see us again it’s been a few months.  

It. Will. Be. Epic!

Keith and the kids will stay with me through the weekend at the Casa in Park City.  I do have an event on Saturday evening but other than that some quality time with my family I miss so much.  We are going to meet new peeps in the ward here to.  Will be like psych we aren’t really moving here lol.  Monday the 19th they will leave for San Diego and driving down to attend the Poinsettia Bowl.  I have events Monday and Tuesday but will fly out late to join them.  Wednesday we hope to see BYU crush Wyoming! 

Thursday we are kinda playing it by ear.  We may stop a night in Las Vegas to see a show with the kids.  I wonder if David Copperfield is still playing.  If not we may just stop in St. George for a day.  We do plan on being home by Friday night.  It is our first year at the Homestead in Idaho.  My parents are coming up and it’s just us and movies, treats, games and if there is enough snow for Christmas…snowmobiling.  My parents arrive on the 24th.  On the 28th we leave for Park City again to spend 5 days with my besties and their families at the Casa.  We plan to go skiing, tubing and more movies.  I have so many treats to make!  I have mistletoe, scones, hot chocolate, and scotcheroos to name a few.  It is hard to imagine but we want to have our greatest Christmas ever even though our missionary is gone.  That is what I am looking forward to more than anything else.  I get to see him via Skype for an hour.  A whole hour!  I will let you know how it goes.  🙂  Take some time to make this your best Christmas ever.  Tell someone you love them, kiss under the mistletoe, give your kids an extra big hug and eat like it’s your last meal.  ❤️  Oh and Star Wars!


I loved today.  We attended our old ward here in Utah today.  Keith drove us by our home we left in August on the way to church.  I am amazed at the wave of emotion that washed over me.  It brought tears of joy and a flood of memories.  We were happy here and loved our home and friends.  The desire to leave was like a call we could not refuse.  It has been absolutely the best decision of our lives but so grateful for our ties here.  My emotions may be closer to the surface because of recently sending our missionary off and seeing our home reminds me of the many nights of entertaining him and his friends.  All the pizza and big screen movie nights in the backyard.  Making dozens of cookies.  Water fights that I may or may not have started.  The laughter.  I so miss his laugh.  I am grateful I have some of those memories at the Homestead in Idaho as well.  I think we had enough time before he left to leave his impression there as well.  So many hugs in church today.  I texted our Bishop and warned him I would be there today.  He said they would endure lol.  So happy for friends.  Perfect love is an incredible blessing to experience.  I may not be the best example but I skipped Relief Society and crashed Young Womens.  Ha it was a little chaotic.  I do not apologize.  😇  If my reunion with my fur babies is half as good as today tonight will be epic.  

Labor Day Weekend 2016

Well our first Holiday in Idaho.  My two best friends and their families are coming up for the long weekend.  They should all be here by 5.  Tonight’s plans include a tour, BBQ, game night.  Kids will probably play video games and watch a movie.  I am so excited to see Sara and Mandy!  Ok back to the plans.  Tomorrow we are going to start the day with homemade donuts and I have OJ, grape juice, apple juice and pineapple juice.  A juice for everyone!  Then I am taking S&M on a run.  We have a 5 miler planned so they can see the hood.  Around noon the hubbies are taking all the kids for lunch, then to see Pete’s Dragon.  After, they will pick up snacks for the BYU game and pizzas and hot wings.  Sara, Mandy and I get some catch up time.  Oh the things we have planned for our 5 hours of freedom.  Naughty things.  Very naughty things.  It will be fun I can promise you that.  So um where was I?!   Oh yes, the BYU game.  I personally believe BYU wins this game.  Big crowd, return of Hill as QB, new coaching staff.   They will be ready to make a statement.  Rise and Shout!  After celebrating the BYU win we plan to enjoy catching up on the deck.  Probably look at stars with Keith’s telescope and have hot chocolate.  Nights are cooling off but still nice to be out.  The stars are very bright out here where we live.  Sunday will bring church and a relaxing day.  Will make a big dinner and probably watch a movie.  Monday we are up early and headed to Jackson Hole for the day.  I think we leave by 8 so should have a nice full day up there.  I haven’t been there in years so looking forward to seeing it again.  Such a pretty area.  Basically our plans are to be tourists and eat and just enjoy.  I need to see if they have a zip line or something.  Maybe a good hike.  I’ll google today and see what else there is to do.  We will stay through dinner and then head back.  Tuesday everyone heads home and Keith and I get ready for our trip back to Utah.  Will get some fun with the boys then.  :).