I have been discharged from the Hospital.  Finally!!! I know I am probably not the easiest patient they have ever seen.  They took good care of me and I love them for it.  I am just not very good at laying in bed for 3 days and nights.  They would not let me walk out despite my protests.  Something silly about liability again.  So I got rolled around to give hugs and say goodbye to everyone.  My prisoner friends were excited for my release.  I did my best to leave Hope for them that they will get to leave soon.  Clearly running in butt cold weather is not a good idea for the future.  I need to pursue other plans for my running to avoid the consequences of pneumonia.  I left my rights to double servings of jello to my neighbor.  She will be there for a couple more days and she is sweet and deserves it.  I spent this morning moving flowers to the other rooms for others to enjoy.  It was busy this morning, so much to do in getting ready to leave, and a lot easier without an IV.  Word to the wise, don’t get sick.  Have a great day everyone.  ❤


Okay okay I have calmed down.  The Doctor and I had an argument.  I feel I am ready to go home he doesn’t agree.  I mean I was nice just had a slightly elevated voice.  I could tell he was getting a little flustered and thought lets tone it down so I offered him a hug and we agreed, one more night.  I told him to heal me because I had church on Sunday.  I have this one nurse.  She is really cool and we have agreed to be friends.  She isn’t in as much of a hurry as the others.  I was glad to see her again today as she will stick around and chat.  It is dreadfully boring here so I like having a friend.  I have started to plot my escape if the doctor doesn’t agree to release me.  I even offered her money to help.  She politely declined and said she was confident I would be better as I had already improved drastically.  So I think I’m going home tomorrow without a fuss.  I have things to do and people to see.  I’m about to take a shower and my visiting teachers are coming soon.  I had jello today and plan on some more.  It has been a day.  I’m hungry.  


The last 24 hours I have had some time to slow down and reflect upon where life is right now.  Can’t do a whole lot from a hospital bed and Nazi nurses that have told me they have been warned and have their eyes on me.  I can think of only two guilty parties for causing me this extra attention and I will have my revenge.  I am innocent after all.  So as to my ponderings, I first realized that I wasn’t very smart.  I should not have gone running in this severely cold weather.  I admit, I believe I can do all things.  I am double tough, invincible even, but yeah that just wasn’t very smart.  So once again I find myself in the hospital with pneumonia.  Praying for a miracle so I can leave and a trip to Costa Rica postponed for at least 6 months.  It is an irony how consequences follow our foolishness.  But I will go there someday.  Just depressingly disappointing to say the least.  On to better thoughts.  

When Keith and I first got engaged like all young couples in love ❤️ we had our dreams and goals and hopes.  I recognize the idealism of youth is often fantasy but a few things we seemed to get our arms around and they have been anchors to our life’s journey together.  One of the most important was that we knew life would change us.  Kids, careers, school, callings, it all impacts us, so we embraced the concept of change.  We set a goal that as the decades passed we would evolve with Time.  The first decade was schooling and all that goes with it.  A couple of children so being young parents and budding careers.  We had lots of energy and worked hard.  Bought our first condo while in school and our first home after.  The next decade came and we had a couple more kids, still had energy and worked hard, saved, invested, but definitely more of a transition to being a family and preparing for the future.  We had 4 young children and our lives evolved around them.  We worked hard and played hard.  It’s definitely a big transition going from being young parents with young children to a full on family with a kid in high school, jr high, and two in grade school.  You have to embrace it and pretend you have some control over life or it will swallow you.  Time can be unforgiving for the ill prepared.  At times that is all of us.

I turned 40 last year and as we are approaching the beginning of our third decade I have realized that we have actually been preparing for several years.  I guess that is the way of hopes and dreams in that we pursue them even unconsciously.  I think the transition this time is much more pronounced with the move to Idaho, our oldest leaving for a mission, Keith having a big exit in one of his business ventures and my career changes and new direction are all significant.  We are still very active but the energy sonetimes is exhausted.  I think we are better at sprints now than the marathons of our 20s and early 30s.  I wonder what other things Time will unveil in this next decade.  😇.  One of the kindest things my husband has ever said to me is how much he has loved every day’s version of me.  Now that is true love because I have not always had great days lol.  ❤


Well I guess after two weeks I can’t seem to fight this cold off. I’m worried it’s turned into pneumonia as its down in my chest now. Since yesterday I have gotten weaker and feeling worse. Keith is insisting we go to the hospital. I’m usually pretty strong willed against that, I prefer healing myself with natural options, but I think he is right. So wish me luck I may need It. Tired of being sick! Not the vacation I had hoped for.