New Years Weekend 

Well the year 2016 is coming to a close.  It has been so fun spending time with our friends and their families.  Today we got up about 7:30 and made a great breakfast.  Homemade doughnuts and scones.  Strawberries, bananas and oranges.  The really good oranges that are just a burst of flavor.  Clementines!  I also like Cuties.  Oranges have got to be really good, the cheap ones blah.  It’s like strawberries.  Big and full of flavor and I’m just like happy.  Love flavor and smells!  Anyway back to breakfast.  Homemade doughnuts and scones are very popular and a fun contrast with the fruit.  We also had apple juice, orange juice, grape juice and pineapple juice.  Hot chocolate with shaved dark chocolate and whip cream plus as a Holiday bonus we crushed peppermint candy canes as well to make it extra special.  It was a very good breakfast.  After we got everything together for our snowmobiling adventure and left at noon.  Took hot chocolate in in a couple big thernoses and snacks plus all the gear.  Spent 4 hours up in the mountains.  We went up to this big open bowl area where we could just go and have fun.  We had races and the kids got to do a little riding themselves.  We had a good guide.  I’m sure I would have gotten lost.  Around 5 pm we  headed back so we could get ready for Temple Square and dinner at the Lion House.  The Church Museum is super cool.  Go if you get the chance and the lights are always a favorite.  It was really pretty and not too crowded.  Got back to the Casa around 9:30 and played some card games while the kids watched a movie.  

Tomorrow we are going to look for a BBQ we need for dinner.  We are going to watch some college football games.  Roll Tide!  Tomorrow evening we are doing fondue with steak and chicken on the BBQ with corn on the cob, corn bread, funeral potatoes and scotcharoos for dessert.  Then it’s trying to make it to midnight.  I am so glad that church here is moving to 11 am Sunday.  It is at home in Idaho as well.  Might go snow shoeing on Sunday afternoon.  Monday we head home.  It has been one of the best holidays ever!  Already planning the next adventure.  ūüíē

My Entrepreneurial Dream

Ok I am putting this out to the Universe and saying help me make it happen.  I have always been a bit of a dreamer.  We are at a place in our lives we are able and want to give back to our community and to make some impact in other’s lives.  So here is my dream idea.  I am really good at making scones and I love hot chocolate.  Like all sorts of flavors to.  Some of you may know this already but I’m a bit of a hot chocolate snob.  Lol.  It’s true but I digress.  So back to the dream.  I want to open a little breakfast cafe that serves all kinds of hot chocolate and of course milk and juices along with scones.  Hours would be 7 am to 11 am only.  Open Monday to Saturday closed Sunday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.  I see what Einstein Brothers did with the bagel.  Dunkin Donuts with Donuts.  I think people would like my scones and hot chocolate.  Now I want to do a social awareness business.  This isn’t something I want to make money on or necessarily stress about.  I would sometimes want to go down and help when the urge strikes but otherwise I want it to take care of itself.  This is how I think I could make it work.  I would take half the profits and donate to a charity or non-profit and change it up every 2 weeks.  I would take the other half and give to the enployees as a profit sharing piece.  That way I have both groups incentivized to be wonderful.  They have everything to gain.  We would have no pricing.  Customers simply pay what they want to.  I believe in the goodness of people and they will take care of the pricing.  If one day you have a dollar that is great the next time leave $10, $20 or even a $100.  This is what I think the world needs.  More of this.  I don’t know when this will happen but I am putting it out there and saying lets do it.  I even have a pretty cool name and logo.  The hours are pretty awesome to!  ūüôā


Holy wow look outside! ¬†More snow falling. ¬†I hope it snows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. ¬†I think as I have gotten older that is one of the special treats I enjoy the most is snow for Christmas. ¬†Without it for me is almost like July 4th without fireworks. ¬†Sure you can still celebrate and go through the motions but snow makes it all perfect. ¬†Often people talk about going away somewhere warm for Christmas. ¬†Don’t get me wrong I would love a trip to Hawaii as much as anyone but NOT on Christmas. ¬†I would be more inclined to go somewhere that I knew would have snow. ¬†Winter brings such wonderful things. ¬†We get hot chocolate, blankets to snuggle, swap of the seasonal wardrobe and some shopping to freshen it up. ¬†I love sweaters by the way. ¬†i love to read by my fireplace and stay warm. ¬†I so love tubing and snow angels and making snowmen and snowball fights! ¬†Going to try snow shoeing this year as my new adventure. ¬†I even like using the snowblower. ¬†Fun to shoot the snow so far with a machine! ¬†A couple of fun hints. ¬†For the bestest hot chocolate around. ¬†The Chocolate in Orem, Yogurt Bliss in Spanish Fork or Pleasant Grove, and Christophers in Salt Lake. ¬†All Heavenly. ¬†I am kind of a hot chocolate snob so trust me on this. ¬†For the absolute best pie in the world visit the Wild Mustang in Orem. ¬†i love treats at Christmas time. ¬†It is totally fine if you mix it in with some running. ¬†Enjoy the holidays and the joys of winter. ¬†It’s a blessed time.