Open Hour on the List

Beginning tonight on Saturdays at 10 pm we invite those on the List to share pics they think are HOT!  Kind of an extension of the Daily Hot Pic just includes everyone.  We have three rules included in the pic below.  We love naughty not so much nasty.  Excited for the new group activity.  Group is so much more fun anyway!  🙂  Join us on Kik and Angie’s List for fun chat and giraffing.  


Well it seems the Daily Hot Pics has been a success.  I am getting a lot of good feedback from everyone that it is a highlight of their day.  I did two on Memorial Day since it was a Holiday and all.  One dedicated to my group Angie’s List on Kik and one to the Military who I personally appreciate for their efforts and sacrifice.  Love a man in uniform!  Especially a Navy man.  😉   If there is room stop by and say hi on the List. 

 Vacation has started here in Utah but this year seems particulary busy.  Haven’t really done anything yet but work around the house.  I am hoping we sell it fast.  Excited for our new adventure!  

So here is an example of a DHP in case your wondering.  There are a variety of things that I think are hot.  I do like naughty just not nasty.  I have seen pics represented both ways with a facial but this one….mmmmmmm!  I would so lick it off her face lol.  I really really love her eyes.  Capturing lust in a pic is an art.  Enjoy!  🙂

Daily Hot Pics

I started something new on Angie’s List on Kik.  Daily naked pics.  Different pics I have found that I think are particularly sexy and hot.  Not sure if the guys agree with my taste or not but it is fun.  I post these daily pics before 10 pm.  Hope those on my Kik page enjoy them.  ❤️

i sometimes enjoy reading sex stories.  This is the site I go to.  Some hot stories in the group sex, first time, and hot wives sections.  I don’t visit too often but this past week I think I have read about 30 stories which is unusual for me.  It’s fun to send a story I find hot to Keith.  He finds that a huge turn on.  Especially with him being gone sometimes I’ll send him one of two I like for some reading before bed :).  I know men tend to be much more visual in their liking but I am glad he doesn’t bring pics or movies into our home.  The sex stories tend to do the trick for us and give us some good ideas sometimes to :). My favorite author has been Xleglover in case you see any of his stories.