Catching up

Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks.  September flew by.  I tried to slow down but was wisked away by the whirlwind that life sometimes brings.  A few things, the kids are back in school and all that goes with that.  Convention has come and gone and dōTERRA rocks as always.  We had a great party in Park City for our team and loved the new product.

I also had my first experience with international travel and spent a week in Prague.  Some wonderful training and time with friends.  The Barn is under construction.  It is fun to see it taking shape.  Should be on the roof by early next week. We came down Thursday morning for Homecoming at BYU.  Another hard loss but fun reconnecting with friends, dancing, cheer stuff, Tucanos, climbing to the Y and the 5K this morning.  Tucanos was fun.  Keith sat 20 $1 bills on the table and told the Pineapple guy every time he came by he could take 2.  He kept us in pineapple lol.  I also got to hook up with Shaun again.  That was intense.  Needless to say I was very much into it and very assertive.  I think he missed me.  We took a drive this week through the back country of Southeast Idaho and it is incredible.  Loved the Palisades Reservoir and Caribou National Forest.  We live in a beautiful place.

BYU will rise again.  💙. The Cougarettes performance was awesome.  Did you see Cosmo dance?  FYI I taught him all his moves in case you didn’t know.  My cub has grown up.


Another Girl’s Camp in the books.  Year 2017 will be remembered for a variety of experiences.  Here are a few that I will treasure.  Being offered as Tribute from our ward to join the Expert Panel for Questions from the girls, the incident at the archery range where I was banned and the ensuing petition, almost flashlight vigil and the Justice4Angie message.  It really wasn’t my fault, but it was insanely crazy.  Loved the water fight with the super soakers and shooting the chipmunks with the water guns.  The testimonies by firelight and the time with these strong  young women.  Loved our movie night and hearing them giggling late into the night.  The hike, the morning trail runs, the clear nights and beautiful stars.  I loved it all.  

Birthday Party 

Well it was fun!  Keith and his helpers were totally awesome last night as the Master Chefs.  I feel bad they were pretty much trapped doing the BBQ all evening.  They worked hard, very hard.  We made a ton of fries but they were gone pretty fast.  Thank goodness for all the chips.  The grilled corn on the cob was very popular, we had 200 corn on the cob prepared.  We ran out of ribs so ended up doing a bunch of burgers and hot dogs for the late comers and we ran out of lemons for the lemonade so glad for all the soda that people brought.  I did get ribs, lemonade and corn on the cob so I was very happy.  Keith’s dad made the ice cream.  We didn’t even come close to meeting the ice cream demand but there was a lot of cake and desserts.  I loved that neighbors, friends and church peeps all came out.  It was just fun having everyone bring their camp chairs and hang out on a beautiful July Idaho evening.  

Horny in Idaho

Keith was in Utah since Monday.  I was so excited to have him home.  With the YW Winter Retreat where the Bishopric slept in bunkbeds  I didn’t get any from Keith and then him gone for 3 days.  I was so wanting sex, so so so bad.  We finally got to bed around 10 and I rode the Cock last night.  I rode it slow.  I rode it hard.  I rode it until he couldn’t get it up anymore.  I rode it with the lamp on.  I rode it in the dark.  I even rode it by mobile phone light.  Sex after 3 days, although not a thing I like often, is definitely fun.  Your just all over each other.  I want to get plenty the next few days because I’ll be gone next week Monday through Saturday.  I am wondering when is a good time to wake him up?  What is fair?  I mean do you let a guy sleep in or does he prefer to be woke up?  Faced with a real dilemma. 

Signed Horny and Wanting in Idaho 


I loved today.  We attended our old ward here in Utah today.  Keith drove us by our home we left in August on the way to church.  I am amazed at the wave of emotion that washed over me.  It brought tears of joy and a flood of memories.  We were happy here and loved our home and friends.  The desire to leave was like a call we could not refuse.  It has been absolutely the best decision of our lives but so grateful for our ties here.  My emotions may be closer to the surface because of recently sending our missionary off and seeing our home reminds me of the many nights of entertaining him and his friends.  All the pizza and big screen movie nights in the backyard.  Making dozens of cookies.  Water fights that I may or may not have started.  The laughter.  I so miss his laugh.  I am grateful I have some of those memories at the Homestead in Idaho as well.  I think we had enough time before he left to leave his impression there as well.  So many hugs in church today.  I texted our Bishop and warned him I would be there today.  He said they would endure lol.  So happy for friends.  Perfect love is an incredible blessing to experience.  I may not be the best example but I skipped Relief Society and crashed Young Womens.  Ha it was a little chaotic.  I do not apologize.  😇  If my reunion with my fur babies is half as good as today tonight will be epic.