There are all kinds of Sex.  Some by name include Make-up Sex, Angry Sex, Group Sex, Oral sex, Bi-Sex, Casual Sex, Intimate Sex, Naughty Sex, Vacation Sex, First Time Sex, Welcome Home Sex and Goodbye Sex.  Plus many, many more.  Two of my favorites include Welcome Home and Goodbye Sex.  Ha, actually I like all of the above, but this weekend I’ll enjoy those two specifically.  Certain times of the year I definitely enjoy the Welcome Home variety.  After three days I am really wanting it.  Fingers and or a toy can be nice, but there is no substitute for being with someone you like, especially someone you love.  Seeing them again and the teasing and flirting that takes place before you get to the naughty is just delicious build up.  Coming home with kids around it isn’t always convenient to just get busy.  But I do love the first kiss when I see Keith.  Really anything from a touch, look or whisper.  It is all more meaningful.  Even a well timed text message always puts you on the path to a passionate night.  The Goodbye Sex can be a great stress reliever.  I usually don’t sleep well the night before a trip.  Just the stress of packing and prep for a trip has everyone a little on edge.  Nothing like getting naked and the reminder that you are important.  I have found that for us Goodbye Sex is more intimate, which is awesome.  It also helps me finally calm down and get to sleep.  So for me It often happens during the night, not always in the morning.  Once the alarm goes off it’s like Game Time for getting ready.  If Keith convinces me of play after the alarm it is usually rushed and more for him which isn’t a horrible thing.  But I like to get mine when it’s less rushed.  I am looking forward to some Goodbye Sex tonight.  Still buzzing from last night’s Welcome Home Sex.  😇  


One of my favorite things to do when I have fooled around is grinding in my panties. Especially thin silky sexy ones. Since I wasn’t going to have sex or go all the way it was fun to let the guy poke at my pussy through the panties. He could thrust and you can get a little penetration with some effort and little adjustments along the way. Amazing foreplay for sure. The guy will eventually cum to. And he can thrust which is very very very nice for him and you. I usually end up getting them pushed in me a little bit and pushed down my hips a bit with all the play but it is fun. So anyway good times., this is a great way to go to avoid bare grinding slips.