Date Night

Ok after two weeks of kids home, holidays and a trip to Orlando with kids & friends, we needed a break. Keith asked me out to dinner last night. He also was singing Neil Diamond songs so he was being romantically goofy. He took me to this amazing steakhouse in Jackson Hole. Wyoming, the White Buffalo Club. It was awesome! Started with the Hawaiian Rolls. I had the 8 ounce Filet, Keith had the 14 ounce Ribeye. Even the baked potato was excellent. For Dessert the Liquid Nitrogen Churned Ice Cream. There are no words, must be experienced. It was fun driving out, made a few phone calls, took a nap, talked with Keith. It was just nice. I’m looking forward to going to bed tonight. Just one of those days I want to retreat to my bed and relax. ♥️. My date may get lucky tonight!

Jackson Hole 

I have very much enjoyed the Corporate Retreat here at Cougar Lakes.  I have one of my best clients.  One of the Six I will continue to personally serve.  He brought his executive team here for some work and fun.  Retreats sometimes can be a little different.  Especially with a smaller group.  A few reasons I think these are better.  The spouse comes up, more fun activities planned, late nights of great conversation, we do our own cooking usually, and finally the business side of things is usually top secret.  It’s about the future and often times we dream big as we chart a course for great things.  I don’t attend all of these micro Retreats but I was invited this time.  Partly because they wanted my husband to speak to them.  For me this was a real treat as he accomplished something really great last year for us.  I also got to sleep and have some great sex with the cool kid lol.  Some of the highlights of this trip have been the night snowmobile ride, Keith’s presentation, Trump’s Inauguration, and a day of skiing.  We also watched The Accountant and Inferno in the Home Theater here.  The food was to die for.  Unfortunately recovering from pneumonia I did not get to go play in the snow but I had plenty of time to showcase my Culinary Kung Fu.  Yeah it has been that good.  The Steak, Chicken, Salmon, and Shish Kabobs were pretty dang awesome with the grilled vegetables.  I do not think they were ready for that.  Last night as we were going down on our second round of smoothies at midnight and talking politics I looked around and realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people.  Midnight smoothies and good conversation is pretty amazing.  Tomorrow we go home.  A happy client and friends and ready for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City.  I can’t wait to see everyone!  Party on Keith!  

Weekend Highlights 

Labor Day has arrived.  With it came some awesomeness.  Here are the highlights.  Amazing BBQ with our BFFs who came up from Utah to celebrate the weekend and to see our new place.  Stargazing with Keith’s telescope.  Homemade donuts and juice bar for breakfast.  5 mile run with Mandy and Sara Saturday.  “Girl time.”  BYU win and oh the fun we had cheering and goofing off with the families.  Sunday a new calling that I didn’t even negotiate and the opening of our son’s mission call.  Lots of treats, friends old and new, in person and via video.  Today Jackson Hole and that will be capped tonight with dinner at the Bar J.  So excited for this.  What a great weekend.  ❤️

Labor Day Weekend 2016

Well our first Holiday in Idaho.  My two best friends and their families are coming up for the long weekend.  They should all be here by 5.  Tonight’s plans include a tour, BBQ, game night.  Kids will probably play video games and watch a movie.  I am so excited to see Sara and Mandy!  Ok back to the plans.  Tomorrow we are going to start the day with homemade donuts and I have OJ, grape juice, apple juice and pineapple juice.  A juice for everyone!  Then I am taking S&M on a run.  We have a 5 miler planned so they can see the hood.  Around noon the hubbies are taking all the kids for lunch, then to see Pete’s Dragon.  After, they will pick up snacks for the BYU game and pizzas and hot wings.  Sara, Mandy and I get some catch up time.  Oh the things we have planned for our 5 hours of freedom.  Naughty things.  Very naughty things.  It will be fun I can promise you that.  So um where was I?!   Oh yes, the BYU game.  I personally believe BYU wins this game.  Big crowd, return of Hill as QB, new coaching staff.   They will be ready to make a statement.  Rise and Shout!  After celebrating the BYU win we plan to enjoy catching up on the deck.  Probably look at stars with Keith’s telescope and have hot chocolate.  Nights are cooling off but still nice to be out.  The stars are very bright out here where we live.  Sunday will bring church and a relaxing day.  Will make a big dinner and probably watch a movie.  Monday we are up early and headed to Jackson Hole for the day.  I think we leave by 8 so should have a nice full day up there.  I haven’t been there in years so looking forward to seeing it again.  Such a pretty area.  Basically our plans are to be tourists and eat and just enjoy.  I need to see if they have a zip line or something.  Maybe a good hike.  I’ll google today and see what else there is to do.  We will stay through dinner and then head back.  Tuesday everyone heads home and Keith and I get ready for our trip back to Utah.  Will get some fun with the boys then.  :). 


I really want to take a family vacation this Summer. We have a couple options which include a trip to Disneyland which would most likely include some time at the beach and an Angels game as well. Maybe a day at Universal Studios mixed in. The other option would be a trip to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and then back through Thermopolis Wyoming and a day at the hot springs and then a stop for the worlds greatest malt in Shoshone. I guess my question is which sounds better. Four kids from 16 to 6 mixed in. We want to have a great trip.