The One 

How do you change the world?  You can’t.  Recent events have proven one thing.  Even the most powerful man in the free world can’t change it.  We only have the power to change the world for one person.  What that looks like I guess depends on your relationship to some degree.  It can be as simple as between a parent and child or more complex in serving a stranger.  I think ultimately it is using our influence to bring Hope.  If we are able to ignite the flames of Hope in another’s Soul it changes everything for them.  Paradigms change, beliefs evolve, pain can be soothed.  Ultimately the biggest question is who is the one you can serve today?  The one right in front of you.  I think the biggest disappointment in life when we wake up to our immortality after we die is the reality of how we have treated our brothers and sisters. I think that will bring more sorrow than anything.  

My Christmas Plans

My first goal this Christmas season is not to get sick!  I go so hard with work this time of year I find myself at risk, but this year I’m desternined not to succumb.  Now on to the plans.  My family will be here on the 16th.  We have been renting out a theater for the past 5 years for my event clients, friends and family.  This year we will see Star Wars Rogue One. The Megaplex is preparing for us!  Jake has been given some assistants because everyone will be asking for him in concessions.  He is excited to see us again it’s been a few months.  

It. Will. Be. Epic!

Keith and the kids will stay with me through the weekend at the Casa in Park City.  I do have an event on Saturday evening but other than that some quality time with my family I miss so much.  We are going to meet new peeps in the ward here to.  Will be like psych we aren’t really moving here lol.  Monday the 19th they will leave for San Diego and driving down to attend the Poinsettia Bowl.  I have events Monday and Tuesday but will fly out late to join them.  Wednesday we hope to see BYU crush Wyoming! 

Thursday we are kinda playing it by ear.  We may stop a night in Las Vegas to see a show with the kids.  I wonder if David Copperfield is still playing.  If not we may just stop in St. George for a day.  We do plan on being home by Friday night.  It is our first year at the Homestead in Idaho.  My parents are coming up and it’s just us and movies, treats, games and if there is enough snow for Christmas…snowmobiling.  My parents arrive on the 24th.  On the 28th we leave for Park City again to spend 5 days with my besties and their families at the Casa.  We plan to go skiing, tubing and more movies.  I have so many treats to make!  I have mistletoe, scones, hot chocolate, and scotcheroos to name a few.  It is hard to imagine but we want to have our greatest Christmas ever even though our missionary is gone.  That is what I am looking forward to more than anything else.  I get to see him via Skype for an hour.  A whole hour!  I will let you know how it goes.  🙂  Take some time to make this your best Christmas ever.  Tell someone you love them, kiss under the mistletoe, give your kids an extra big hug and eat like it’s your last meal.  ❤️  Oh and Star Wars!

Holiday Decoration Rules

A few rules to bring JOY to you and yours. The Holidays are coming fast.  We hope they will be wonderful.  


1. If the house is over 4000 sq ft it requires a second tree. 

 2. If possible always use a 9 foot tree or bigger if you can.  

 3. The more lights the better. When in doubt use more lights. When finished add more lights. 

 4. Lights on the house makes everyone happy. Lots of lights. When in doubt add more lights. 

 5. Wreaths, Mistletoe, lights on the banister, lights in the kids rooms and lights on the deck are required.  

6. If possible wrap the trees.  Nothing is more cool than lights in the trees outside.  

Here is a link to inspire you.  If I were totally honest with myself I would say I Christmas decorations before presents.  I love the lights!

Christmas light video


Pay attention to moments or like bubbles they are gone in an instant.  A moment is something that is missed if you are not paying attention.  Slow down, look around, be here not there and connect.  I never miss a moment to laugh, I wear a smile as often as I can and despite the busyness of life I put the pause on several times a day.  I will stop and close my eyes and take a deep breath.  It’s amazing how different the world looks when you slow it down.  I definitely pause when my kids walk in the door.  I try and see how much they have changed in the last few hours.  I like playing guess what you did today with them.  That’s where I guess what they did and they correct me.  Amazing how much I learn though.  I also choose to be awed by the every day of life.  So many are caught up in chasing whatever. The most precious moments are mixed in with the mundane.  The greatest word ever.  LOOK…. ❤️