I love love love my rabbit vibe. Keith has been so slammed with work lately and I am definitely not getting my normal amount of sex. Every once in awhile life gets this way and what he is working on his huge for us and our future. I am proud of him and love that he is smart and hardworking. I am sure once he gets through it life will be better than ever. As for today I’m going insane lol. Sex normally 4 times or so a week has home to once. I got really lucky last weekend and got it two days in a row. 🙂 it’s not that he doesn’t love sex he is just exhausted. I get it just sad. These times in your life where things get complicated fortunately don’t last too long. A couple of months to a year has been our experience. I am just glad for toys especially my rabbit. You have no idea unless you have used one how great those orgasms are. The ears are like pure pleasure in a hum. I seriously think I am addicted right now. I keep expecting I’m going to wear out the rabbit. I have done it before so I am going to be proactive and say I’ll order a new one this week so I am prepared. As some of you are aware we are kind of in a time out until we redefine our boundaries on play a bit. It’s horrible timing with Keith’s career and all because I definitely want to talk and he can’t focus on it right now. I love you Keith but if there was ever a time to be able to fool around it’s right now. Totally support what he is going but dang I need some more time in bed 🙂 Was that subtle enough? Hint Hint. Play or let me play. I do respect our relationship and obviously this is a mutual decision but yeah hoping for a deep talk soon. As to other things a big shout out to a new friend I totally want to play with. Sharon I absolutely adore you! Yes sorry guys totally infatuated with a girl right now. So anyway my wisdom for the day…girls if you haven’t tried a rabbit vibe you have not lived.