Catching up on some things running through my mind.  First, I really want San Antonio to take down Golden State.  Go Spurs!  Universe please grant me this wish.  Second, I love Summer.  Not because it is my favorite season, it is because I take it off.  I am so looking forward to sleeping in, staying up, hikes, movies, sight seeing, dolphins and anything else adventurous that crosses our paths.  Summer 2017 lets have some fun!  Third, Trump.  I’ll be honest here.  Trump is no fool despite what the Left would have us all believe.  His tweet yesterday about Comey not releasing any tapes was the ultimate example of how he plays the media and drives the Left to insanity.  There is no tapes and he knows it, but no one is talking about Russia anymore lol.  Well played Sir.  Wikileaks has even offered $100K for these tapes that don’t exist.  Fourth, BYU Football is in 105 days.  Almost there!  Fifth, driving after midnight is never a good idea.  I need to write this down so I’ll remember it.  I made it home but 2 am, yeah not going to do that again anytime soon.  Sixth, finally going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Monday night.  I think we may be the last people in America to see this.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Seventh, when dressing up to play ball there is nothing wrong with looking your best.  I mean why not!  Eighth, my 7th grader is doing Math that I didn’t do until High School.  I think it’s awesome, but I think your Dad can help with that.  Ninth, we get a whole hour to talk to our missionary tomorrow.  A WHOLE hour.  One of the other Prom Moms was like we only get 30 minutes.  I felt the rage.  It was tangible.  Make it a good 30 minutes!  Tenth, someone is getting laid on Prom Night.  It is kind of fun being the parent.  You get to get crazy!  


Soooo I am like craving cock. Lots been happening in our family and Keith has been so busy. I want to get laid! Toys are fun but only so so. I could so use a nice throbbing 8 inch drooling dick right now.