Secret to Happy

At the end of the day what really makes us happy is being with those who make us smile and laugh.  You know you have found true love when after 20 years he walks in the room and you can’t help but smile and you laugh freely.  Laughter is truly the best medicine.  


My favorite comedian is Brian Regan. He is clean and funny. Sitting here watching him with my kids on YouTube. If you are not familiar with him check him out. He is known around here as the Mormon Comedian. Not because he is Mormon but because all Mormons pretty much like him because he is clean. We saw him at the Thanksgiving Point Amphitheater a few years ago. Since then he is a regular on our radio for road trips. Even though the kids can quote him they love hearing him. I hope some of you find as much enjoyment from him as we have. Who is your favorite?