I am seriously considering getting on the pill.  I am not sure taking a morning after pill is the best way to deal with birth control after a fuck.  I definitely want to do bare sex.  Yes I will play safe and only with those I can trust but a condom isn’t as fun for sure.  Guys really hate it.  I have had too many close calls with dips.  I already know it’s very hard for guys to pull out when they are going to cum.  I would think actual sex is even harder to pull out for a guy.  I know there is an IUD and a patch as well and maybe even more options.  I haven’t been on the pill in 8 years so who knows what else has been invented.  I just really need to get something figured out soon.    How do I even have the conversation with my doctor about birth control he is the one that clipped Keith.  I just think he will know my reasons I give are not the truth as to my real reason.  Who would have guessed Keith getting a vasectomy would come back as an obstacle to play.  Irony.  

Chat Etiquette

I have had some experiences lately that made me think about what makes chatting fun and what makes it a bit of a downer. There are certain things I believe make for good etiquette in chatting. If you want to play in the chat room and make friends here are some of the dos and do nots of chatting in my opinion. No offense to anyone just some thoughts. If you find yourself guilty of some of these things it’s easy to change.

Have fun. Smile while you chat unless a spouse is nearby. Stay hydrated. Chat in the main room. Make friends. Don’t share too much. Be cautious but friendly. An ounce of discretion avoids a pound of pain. Engage engage engage. Be kind. Everyone loves a great story teller. OCD can be good. Sport talk is welcome. Trashing the Dallas Cowboys everyone loves. If your hot speak up. Say hi to those that join. Be honest within bounds. Emoticons. Invite friends. Sex chat can be fun. Remember your manners. Sharing is caring.

Do nots
Lurking. No ASL ever find out as you chat don’t take the shortcut. Do not ask for a pic when starting up a chat. Never ask a girl if she shaves. Do not lie. No drama. Do not ask for a pic if you will not send one first. Do not be fast and furious. Do not ask a question you would not answer yourself. Do not steal colors. Do not send a X rated pic without warning and permission. Do not be overly demanding and pushy. It is a chat room so do not feel you need to take it private. Do not cum on your keyboard. Do not get caught. You do not need to know our Facebook or phone number or any other form of communication unless we decide to share it. Do not stalk. Do not be offended. Do not try too hard. Do not take it offline too fast. Do not claim someone. Do not ask if I want your baby. Do not ask to cam first time you chat. Do not continue to ask us what we are wearing. We get it guys are visual but that question drives us INSANE. Do not suggest we go somewhere else to have a more “open” conversation 5 minutes into a first chat…this happened today.

In summary there are probably more but if you are not having fun others probably do not think you are fun either. Lighten up, it is not about hooking up its about chatting and connecting with someone else. If you are one that sits back you may have to tap the extrovert on you and jump in and talk. As a woman I can tell you voyeurs and lurkers creep all of us out a bit. We get that sometimes people step away but you really notice the lurkers in a smaller room. We do talk and spread the word. Lurkers beware we are on to you. Chatting is a social experience period. I hope you find this of value. See you in chat!