The Book of Mormon has so many parallels with our day.  It was written for our us and is a type and shadow of things to come.  Mormon saw our day and Moroni testified of its importance in speaking to us in the last days.  (See Moroni chapter 10). One of the most powerful testimonies ever shared regarding Truth and the impact of this ancient record to us.  Can you truly fathom how important this record is to us that God would have a record kept for a thousand years and preserved so that Mormon could compile these records into one volume.  A thousand years of history and what we have is what the Spirit inspired him to share.  Everything contained in the Book of Mormon is relevant.  That is why we must study, pray and ponder this gift.  In our day it offers us guidance, much as the Liahona did to Lehi and his family in the wilderness.  Just like the Liahona it works according to our Faith and observance of its directions.  I find it interesting that it works for all, not just the righteous.  Even when we are less perfect the Love of God and his blessings are available to all as we listen and follow him.  All of Lehi’s family were blessed as they followed the guidance of the Liahona as we will be by following the guidance and inspiration contained in the Book of Mormon.  

A few things I have been pondering lately is how the central government of the Nephite people ceased and the people broke up into tribes.  As I see our current situation we have for many years been paralyzed to act as a government.  Congress has become incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities due to the polarizing effects of political ideology.  The people refuse to be governed by either party.  The dominant parties are splintering.  There are Democratic socialists, moderate conservatives, alt right, alt left and even within the extremes you have white supremacists to tea party and liberal to KKK.  If ever there was a process of breaking into tribes this is a parallel.  I suspect it will only continue to worsen.  In both the Jaredite and Nephite records we see before the destruction of the people there was a great division among the people and they ended up gathering to a side.  As Mormon said they had a lust of hate for one another.  They lacked empathy, compassion and kindness.  Satan easily stirred them up eventually to their total destruction.  So great was this lust that Mormon refused to continue to lead the armies of the Nephites.  He actually stepped down for decades where he spent his days compiling the record we know today as the Book of Mormon.  He finally returned to lead the people in their final battles and to deliver the record to his son Moroni.  There is much we need to be aware of as we navigate a world that seems to be getting a bit more insane daily.  I testify it is true.  May you find inspiration and safety as you spend precious time searching its pages.  Some of the best advice ever shared with us is read from it often and look for why God prepared the way for us to have it.  Grateful for these words of wisdom.  ♥️

Mother’s Day 2017

I have been blessed to be a Mother.  I think we all find our way in time.  I love my children.  They are four unique and wonderful gifts.  One has now been out 6 months on his mission.  I miss him so very, very much.  I am literally counting the hours until his call tomorrow.  I just hope that he calls earlier than later like at Christmas.  That was so hard waiting!  My daughter has her first Prom tonight and Summer is almost here bringing another season of fun, sun and exploration.  To all of the Mothers out there.  Remember you are good enough.  Trying from a mother is like the definition of a miracle.  We get it done every day by showing up.  Have a great day!  


There are all kinds of Sex.  Some by name include Make-up Sex, Angry Sex, Group Sex, Oral sex, Bi-Sex, Casual Sex, Intimate Sex, Naughty Sex, Vacation Sex, First Time Sex, Welcome Home Sex and Goodbye Sex.  Plus many, many more.  Two of my favorites include Welcome Home and Goodbye Sex.  Ha, actually I like all of the above, but this weekend I’ll enjoy those two specifically.  Certain times of the year I definitely enjoy the Welcome Home variety.  After three days I am really wanting it.  Fingers and or a toy can be nice, but there is no substitute for being with someone you like, especially someone you love.  Seeing them again and the teasing and flirting that takes place before you get to the naughty is just delicious build up.  Coming home with kids around it isn’t always convenient to just get busy.  But I do love the first kiss when I see Keith.  Really anything from a touch, look or whisper.  It is all more meaningful.  Even a well timed text message always puts you on the path to a passionate night.  The Goodbye Sex can be a great stress reliever.  I usually don’t sleep well the night before a trip.  Just the stress of packing and prep for a trip has everyone a little on edge.  Nothing like getting naked and the reminder that you are important.  I have found that for us Goodbye Sex is more intimate, which is awesome.  It also helps me finally calm down and get to sleep.  So for me It often happens during the night, not always in the morning.  Once the alarm goes off it’s like Game Time for getting ready.  If Keith convinces me of play after the alarm it is usually rushed and more for him which isn’t a horrible thing.  But I like to get mine when it’s less rushed.  I am looking forward to some Goodbye Sex tonight.  Still buzzing from last night’s Welcome Home Sex.  😇  

The One 

How do you change the world?  You can’t.  Recent events have proven one thing.  Even the most powerful man in the free world can’t change it.  We only have the power to change the world for one person.  What that looks like I guess depends on your relationship to some degree.  It can be as simple as between a parent and child or more complex in serving a stranger.  I think ultimately it is using our influence to bring Hope.  If we are able to ignite the flames of Hope in another’s Soul it changes everything for them.  Paradigms change, beliefs evolve, pain can be soothed.  Ultimately the biggest question is who is the one you can serve today?  The one right in front of you.  I think the biggest disappointment in life when we wake up to our immortality after we die is the reality of how we have treated our brothers and sisters. I think that will bring more sorrow than anything.