Make Out Memories

When I was in high school and college I loved to make out.  It was too risky at home, although a few times we did that to.  The best place was in the car.  The added benefit was you could more easily keep it from going too far as opposed to a couch or bed.  A couple of times in high school we swapped make out partners when out with friends.  Just something really hot kissing and petting with someone new and totally erotic especially hearing the breathing getting deeper and a gasp or two.  The most intense though was when someone cums. I loved the windows steaming up and the smell of arousal.  I made it to marriage with my virginity, but barely.  I still enjoyed a few hot make out swaps while engaged and after marriage.  It was fun to start with someone else then Keith fucking me in the car with friends.  They weren’t having sex yet so I loved the foreplay and the finish.  I considered it education.  I was going to school to become a teacher after all.  The craziest though was a few times there were 3 couples.  The threesome make outs were the absolute best.  Grinding and swapping.  Several sessions went almost all night.  Word to the wise, bring a box of tissues lol.  Happy memories.  Still enjoy some fun in the car when I get a chance.  😇

Hand Job

One of the things that really turns me on is giving a guy a hand job.  I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself.  I love to do it while we are facing each other and making out.  Whether it is laying side by side of sitting on the guys lap.  Prefer to be kissing while doing it because of his heavier breathing.  It is just awesome to feel that through an open mouth kiss.  I have this thing I do where I am lightly stroking along the guys shaft with just my finger tips and i’ll kind of spin my wrist as I do it so its not just straigh up the shaft.  Drives a guy wild.  Sometimes i’ll put my hand around it and give stronger strokes but i find the feathery touches and strokes seem to drive the guy really crazy.  other times i’ll rub the head against my leg or against a sheet.  The pleasure usually is very intense and they can only handle that for a short time.  What absolutely drives me insanely horny is when the guys cock starts to drool cum.  Not like orgasm cum but pre-cum.  When they are so excited and turned on it is just drooling.  Not sure why cum turns me on so much it doesn’t even taste that great but it definitely does.  i think being off the pill and a husband with a vasectomy probably has something to do with it.  Just knowing a guy has sperm in his cum is like OMG hot!  I know this is like crazy silly but the idea of taking a load of cum from another guy is like one of my fantasies.  I wouldn’t want to get knocked up by another guy but the thought of the risk of it is pretty intense.  If the guy did pull out I would want it to be at the last possible second or right when he did cum.  Such an odd thing that something risky is a turn on but I guess thats the way of life in some degree.  Look at Extreme Sports.  I have gone sky diving and yeah it is quite the rush.  On any given day though why jump out of a perfectly good airplane or off a bridge or cliff.  Is it the smartest thing in the world to do?  Definitely not but I think there are adrenaline junkies in the world and we have all experienced it.  I guess the fantasy or tabooness of fooling around, playing with another guy, even taking a chance like that is kind of the same thing.  I do think though there is something just extremely hot in bringing a guy off with your hands.  Not too far but the pleasure for the guy especially with taking it slow is as good as sex.  One bit of advice to women everywhere learn how to give a great hand job.  It is a skill that is so appreciated by the guy or guys in our life.  🙂  Have a great weekend!  


Last night was dessert date night.  We met our friends Mandy and Brad at Chilis.  We ordered the brownie skillet and cookie skillet desserts!  Talk about sugar rush.  It took me hours to cum down.  We meet up for dessert at least once a month with friends.  It’s just kind of a tradition.  Some people go out to eat and we do that to, but it’s kind of fun to just go have dessert.  Maybe that is why I like the Chocolate in Orem because it’s all about dessert.  I mean really, the dessert may be the most important part of a date.  If you can’t do the dessert right, then the date is a bust.  I had some of both the brownie and the cookie.  I asked the waiter to double up the ice cream on mine.  Guess what?!   He did it and didn’t even charge extra.  He knows I come in regularly with friends for dessert though, so I think I just got the good customer treatment.  But I got what I wanted.  🙂  I almost think my thrill is more in the game of seeing if people will make an exception for me.  It’s like when they say yes I feel like I won the lottery.  I don’t gamble, but I imagine that’s what it’s like if I did.  If they say no I ask why?  It’s funny because they don’t know what to say.  Then I get to negotiate.  It often escalates to serious negotiation.  No Mikey we don’t use light sabers, but we usually negotiate to a price that works.  Last night though two scoops for no additional cost.  ULTIMATE victory.  We left and had an adventure in car make out.  Extreme car make out.  Noahs is such a great parking lot for fun.  I highly recommend their parking lot.  Just go to the far back.  Lets just say most of our clothes came off so Mandy and I were mostly naked.  We were totally taken advantage of.  I don’t think they are supposed to do those things to married women.  I did very much appreciate Mandy’s gasp.  It was soooooo hot.  What a fun start to June.  


We were having a fun discussion today on kik chat about Disney and I was telling everyone about watching Disney movies in college.  I thought it would be something those that follow my blog might be interested in.  So it started that year I spent at Ricke College. NCMO was a pretty big thing there and we had lots of fun having non-committal make-outs.  We usually would get together to watch movies and they were always Disney movies.  So eventually we just started calling them Disney movie nights as code for let’s get together and make out.  The Disney movie nights followed us to BYU.  Haven’t used the code name in a long time.  It made me laugh this morning as we were chatting about it.  Totally made me horny.  I think it’s that conditioned response as those Disney movie nights as they were always pleasurable.  Had several orgasms to.  Some of them were also girl’s nights only lol.  🙂  

Temple surprise 

About a year after getting married we were at BYU going to school.  Mandy and Sarah were still single but starting to get serious with some guys.  Definitely still playing.  Sarah introduced me to a guy that I really liked.  She had fooled around with him a couple of times and invited me to play with them.  I went over and ended up making out and gave him head.  Was just a fun hook up.  A few weeks later Keith and I were in the Provo temple and he was in the session with us.  After we got to the Celestial room I introduced him to Keith and we slipped into a corner and chatted quietly.  He asked if I would be up for some more play and we set a date and got together again a few more times.  He was the first guy I actually sucked off while Keith was fucking me.  Nice guy, great body, and he got the head wet a few times.  Definitely fun, very naughty flirting with him in the temple with my husband with us.  Highlights with him was sneaking into his apartment and staying most of the night.  Playing naked in his bed.  He came in me twice.  Almost got caught by his roommate.  3 girls and him in a hotel room.  Keith and him playing with me.  Fun times fun semester.