Play Time

We seem to all be running around after busy kids and all the things in life demanding our attention.  Sometimes it seems we are too tired or do not have enough time for sex or its a quickie so we can fall asleep.  I like everyone face those same challenges of priorities every day.  We all have only 24 hours in a day.  Frankly if I could I would make a day 28 hours.  I could really use 4 more.  :). I will say this though.  Making time for some play with your guy or fwb is so worth it.  Not just enough time to do it but time to really play.  Like make out, touch, tease, oral, couple positions, etc.  You can get off more than once just need to stay awake guys.  Give us a chance. I’m not saying every time you have to block out a few hours but make sure you are doing it at least once a week.  Play time is like truly the best time of your week.  Don’t put it to the bottom of your list.  It will improve all aspects of your life.  Everything.  I think in today’s world that has so much to offer its not necessarily a choice between good and bad.  It’s more often the choice between good good better best.  Those are the confusing decisions when you have lots of good choices.  Make sure you create enough time for that which matters most.  Even if you lose some sleep those midnight rendezvous or afternoon delights will a relationship make.  xoxoxo Angie