Home for a Day

Some times there is a lot going on.  March 2017 has been one of those times.  I slept in my own bed last night here at the Homestead and I will again tonight before Keith and I take the kids on a Spring Break adventure.  This year is a bit different.  Some years we go to Zions or Disneyland or Sundance or Park City or even the Staycation a couple of times.  Last Fall I went hunting for retreat properties for my clients.  We found a couple, but one destination I just fell in love with.  It is in a little place called Orleans on the East shores of Cape Cod.  We probably are not going to be enjoying Spring weather like Utah has blessed us with, but the kids are excited and we will enjoy our little cottage and private beach with friends for a few days.  Sometimes the point of vacation is to enjoy somewhere new and to experience the excitement of coming home.  So today we pack, we enjoy church, we watch some NCAA tourney basketball and we cherish a day at home together because no matter where we go and what we see home is where I long to be.   ❤

Widow’s Walk overlooking the Atlantic.  It is a spectacular view. 

The private beach although I don’t think it will be this warm.  It is snowing there today.  


Just wanted to say I did not March today.  Very happy with how things worked out in the Election.  It’s going to be an awesome 8 years.  Way too much hate and anger in people today and Madonna really?  A Revolution of Love?  I guess that fever of Revolution mixed with Love is strong enough for some of these idiots to get naked in the cold and others to light themselves on fire.  Glad I’m in Idaho.  

Another New Week 

Wow that weekend went fast.  I love Sunday afternoon naps but the downside is in the moments of closing your eyes and waking up the weekend disappeared. I almost wish Sunday came first then you could have a full Saturday before going to Monday lol.  Just a thought, it probably wouldn’t work.  I am excited for this week.  Super Tuesday should be interested.  Starting to work on 3 March events for work.  The NCAA basketball tourney.  It’s just an awesome time for all great things.  Might even have good weather to start working on the yard.  The best thing today was taking the young women to the Provo Dowbtown Tenple.  Loved the special tour for our girls.  I am excited for this week and for March.  Have a great week!