Tea Party Kind of Stupid

I am becoming more and more convinced that Hillary is going to win the election.  This isn’t because she is a great leader or that she even comes close to representing the best interest of the people.  It is not because she is respected or admired.  It comes down to one thing.  The self destruction of the GOP.  I am not taking about the citizens and even the leadership per say.  The voters have made their decision.  Trump is the nominee.  The leadership as a whole have accepted that as well.  It is that faction within the party that has usurped the whole idea of conservatism and redefined it in their own image.  They are as the Israelites of old that refuse to be lead and are so head strong they wouldn’t even lift their eyes to look at the staff and perished in the wilderness.  The far right are proving to be every bit as destructive as the far left.  This faction continue to use strategem in searching for any means to steal the nomination from Trump and the people at convention.  They would lie, cheat, steal and maybe even murder to get their way.  I never thought the sin of self righteousness could be as destructive as wickedness but what I have witnessed even among those here in Utah has convinced me otherwise.  How a group of people would rather throw an election willingly all the while saying God will bless them is at the forefront of an obscenely erratic behavior bound to bring us further painful consequences, namely Clinton naming up to 4 Supreme Court judges and the loss of the second amendment among further bondage yet to be seen.  Why?  Simply because they don’t want to risk the leadership of the country to Trump?  Are you effing kidding me!  Do you even contemplate how stupid that argument sounds in the face of a Hillary Presidency.  We have become a nation that is uncomfortable in doing hard things and heaven forbid someone say the truth.  We someone does we take that and spin it so much that we don’t even recognize it.  Because truth is too bitter a pill to swallow.  Our conservative talk show hosts with the silver tongues have walked this group to the very edge of the cliff.  Some, like Glenn Beck have walked them right over the edge.  Now the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and others are trying to pull their followers back from the edge as the reality of a Hillary victory looms ahead.  They argue Trump is the guy.  He is the nominee.  We must stop Hillary.  Yet the problem is you cannot work a people to such a fever and expect them to pivot away.  That passion is addictive and hard to free a mind from.  They listen to you clowns because it’s easier for you to think for them than for them to think for themselves.  I am telling you now that this far right wing faction in the party have, as a majority, gotten the delegate seats at the national convention.  They are absolutely willing to throw this election to prove a point.  It’s their way or else.  Dangerous are extremists.  They are incapable of being led and unwilling to compromise.  They would rather be right in saying Trump can’t beat Hillary and then go about proving it by either voting for her or voting third party.  If they can steal the nomination they will, even if it causes the GOP to be torn apart.  The result they want justify any means of it happening.  Such extremists quote the prophets to justify their position.  The best is Ezra Taft Benson who is quoted as saying “in the face of two evils don’t vote for the lesser evil, vote someone else and the Lord will bless the people.”  The problem with that is be careful how you judge.  Is Trump evil?  You may not like him or share his values or like what he says.  That does not qualify as evil.  The Lord will hold us accountable for our decisions.  Another apostle Neil A Maxwell reminds us we cannot remain neutral in our decisions.  It is an irony that so many believe that the Mormons will be the ones to save this country.  That they will save the constitution as it hangs by a thread.  What I am seeing is Mormons are the ones willing to throw the election based on their pride.  Kind of makes you wonder if we like the Jedi misinterpreted a prophesy.  Fictional story Star Wars is, but powerful parallel.  If you stayed with this post this far I hope I have given you something to think about.  A Hillary presidency will not be the end of the world.  We will adapt, however there is alway real consequences and for a people that don’t like the direction of the last 8 years I wonder what we will think in 8 more.  We reap what we sow.  


I have had some very deep conversations with many friends both online and offline in the past several months.  I’ll start with Christianity in general.  I think as a people we don’t even know the God we worship.  If we did we would be more kind and giving.  We would certainly focus our time and energy differently.  I think we would solve hunger, poverty, and bullying.  Can you imagine a society that actually emphasized the well being of neighbors and strangers to be as important as their own?  As I have studied the life of Christ it seems to me his teachings were perhaps more about putting others first.  Why do we miss that?  

As to Mormonism.  Has their ever lived a more enlightened people in the history of the world?  We have temples within reach of nearly everyone and more being built every month.  The church is making an impact for people’s well being all around the globe.  Not just their spiritual well being but their other needs as well.  What the church is doing to improve health and living conditions is staggering.  We truly are a beacon to the world.  Why then are so many members suffering shame, guilt, anger and pain?  Why are so many leaving the church or falling inactive?  Why are so many kids committing suicide?  Satan is a masterful strategist.  We are not perfect, we all fall short, we all sin.  If it were not for the Atonement we all would be lost.  Satan wants us to believe we will never be good enough, we can’t be forgiven, why try, your not welcome here.  He often uses other people, especially the self righteous to do his dirty work.  Does this sound and feel familiar?  

I guess what I’m trying to say is you are loved.  You have value.  We need to find it in ourselves to be better.  Pursue the things that make us better.  Find empathy in our hearts.  Serve others.  Put off the natural man by being kind, patient, gentle, compassionate.  Give.  Give.  Give.  Have faith and hope and teach those things to your children.  As you grow repent of the things you are ready to repent of.  If your not ready don’t repent.  In our culture we have the fullness of truth but lack the wisdom to use it.  We miss the mark just like a monkey trying to use a compass.  God already provided a Savior for us and we will repent.  Our problem is our hearts.  Change the hearts of men and the world changes.  With neither faith nor hope there is no Charity.  Where charity fails we have Christianity and Mormonism that is hollow and dead.  They cannot save us simply by membership and a recommend.  Change the world by worrying less about yourself and more about everyone else.  I know I am far from perfect, but I know kindness.  I believe God values some things more than others and pretending your sins for some reason are less damning than someone elses  is simply well crafted stupidity.  Sin may damn us but Charity will elevate us and bring more change to our lives than anything we can do.  It will free you from shame and when you are ready it will free you from sin.  The most temple worthy person in the world that lacks Charity will find his ladder falls short.  Worthy is so subjective because it’s a minimal checklist of rules yet misses the character so often.  Change your world by changing your heart.  If your unhappy a big reason may be others have screwed with your expectations of yourself.  The great and spacious building is an illusion of happiness and it is filled with those professing Christ but whose hearts are far from him. 

In conclusion Christ had more hope for the sinner and the cast out than he ever did for the hypocrite.  Don’t give up, you are loved.  If you feel screwed up you will find empowerment and light simply by being kind. 

Girls Camp

Well it’s beautiful here in the mountains.  I’m so excited I think it’s been about 12 years since I last spent a week at a Girls Camp.  I was pregnant then with our third.  It’s been so fun spending time with the girls.  They are so sweet.  I do wish the rain would stop.  Mostly we have had little bursts or light drizzle when it’s rained but it has stopped, sun came out, and it warmed up.  Today however it’s rained since before we woke up.  So anyway true adventure.  It’s why we go right?  🙂  Not too long left.  

Crazy Busy Times

I really enjoy writing and sharing some of my life and interests and on occasion experiences with you. You have no idea how appreciative i am that so many of you have taken an interest in my blog and in me. It is humbling that you would check in and read my posts and that you enjoy what I share. I do my best to be consistent in making regular posts. This year so far has been a real challenging time. Not making an excuse, just hope to explain why I have sucked a bit lately at the consistency thing. I got really sick over the Christmas break with Pnemonia and ended up in the hospital, then a few weeks later ended up down a few days again with a bad cold. I never, I mean never, get sick. This year I have gone 3 rounds with sickness. A brutal winter, despite as mild as it’s been.  I also was asked to be the 1st Counselor in Young Women’s in our ward. It has been such a fun calling but for those of you in the church that have served, you know how time consuming it is. Lots of fun and I love it, but a bit overwhelming as I am learning. The kids have been so busy with lacrosse, basketball, dance, choir concerts, plays, and other school activities. Keith and I often divide and conquer because no matter how good you are you cannot be in 4 places at once. PTA has two major events left, then that will be over. Sundance and other events for work is also always demanding and I need to learn to say no or Keith has volunteered to do it for me. Sundance was really busy this year. Fun but a huge demand of time. Way more than I was paid, so need to rethink that one lol. So for those that have messaged me and asked if I’m still alive or if I’m alright, the answer is yes. Life is full of adventure with 4 kids, a husband and friends. I would have it no other way though. The irony of life is often our decisions in how we spend our time becomes less of a choice between good and bad but the constant choice between so many good things. It becomes turning a good thing down for the best thing. Priorities really have to be the compass of our life. I do enjoy chat and my blog so with a more full schedule I am finding a need to schedule it in. Less time to plan on the fly. So I am not the fly girl social butterfly I thought I was :). Love to you all, thank you for being my friend in however it is in our strange little world.