King Arthur

Just like we have refs in sports, we have critics for movies.  Refs play an important role and when they do their jobs right they keep play under control and don’t much impact the outcome.  They are not supposed to interject themselves to the point that they do influence the game.  It is unfortunate when they do.  The NCAA Finals this year is a perfect example of Refs overstepping their role.  Critics can offer some great insight.  On occasion they interject themselves too far and literally make or break a movie not deserving of the outcome.  I bring this up because I wanted to see King Arthur.  I was so excited when I first saw the previews.  Critics have brutalized it though.  Almost like they wanted to kill it.  In my opinion, they have made it personal.  Maybe it was the director or perhaps it’s not the fairy tale story of Camelot.  We have talked to several that have seen it and they all enjoyed the movie.  So Saturday night we took a break and braved the massive crowds out to see Pirates of the Caribbean.  We saw King Arthur with about 20 people and it was really, really good.  So if you are looking for something interesting and high energy it is worth a couple hours.  I enjoy different takes on stories, plays, movies and music.  It is enjoyable to see a different interpretation.  Can you imagine how boring Shakespeare would be if we didn’t enjoy all of the many interpretations over the years?  Anyway there you go.  My thoughts for the day ❤️


Catching up on some things running through my mind.  First, I really want San Antonio to take down Golden State.  Go Spurs!  Universe please grant me this wish.  Second, I love Summer.  Not because it is my favorite season, it is because I take it off.  I am so looking forward to sleeping in, staying up, hikes, movies, sight seeing, dolphins and anything else adventurous that crosses our paths.  Summer 2017 lets have some fun!  Third, Trump.  I’ll be honest here.  Trump is no fool despite what the Left would have us all believe.  His tweet yesterday about Comey not releasing any tapes was the ultimate example of how he plays the media and drives the Left to insanity.  There is no tapes and he knows it, but no one is talking about Russia anymore lol.  Well played Sir.  Wikileaks has even offered $100K for these tapes that don’t exist.  Fourth, BYU Football is in 105 days.  Almost there!  Fifth, driving after midnight is never a good idea.  I need to write this down so I’ll remember it.  I made it home but 2 am, yeah not going to do that again anytime soon.  Sixth, finally going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Monday night.  I think we may be the last people in America to see this.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Seventh, when dressing up to play ball there is nothing wrong with looking your best.  I mean why not!  Eighth, my 7th grader is doing Math that I didn’t do until High School.  I think it’s awesome, but I think your Dad can help with that.  Ninth, we get a whole hour to talk to our missionary tomorrow.  A WHOLE hour.  One of the other Prom Moms was like we only get 30 minutes.  I felt the rage.  It was tangible.  Make it a good 30 minutes!  Tenth, someone is getting laid on Prom Night.  It is kind of fun being the parent.  You get to get crazy!  

Sundance Film Festival 

This year we decided to host a few parties ourselves for clients, friends, and family.  I have done some events at the Sundance Film Festival for others in the past but never one for us.  It has been sooooooo fun.  Arrived Monday after braving the trek down from Idaho.  Mostly good roads but some bad weather. Stayed at the property Monday night by ourselves.  This place is HUGE!  Enjoyed some time in the hot tub and the insanely awesome home theater.  Slept in Tuesday and after some breakfast and errands Mandy arrived.  Caterers arrived about 2 hours before and by 6 we had a steady flow of guests until about 11, then everyone finally left about 1 am.  We expected a big turnout but 400 in a night was a busy night.  I think we were all exhausted from playing social butterflies.  We had a 7 and 9 pm movie in the theater running as it was a film festival.  Lots of finger foods, some we ran out of, but fortunately we had enough food to get through the night. We did not serve alcohol but everyone seemed to have fun. After some clean up and 1 am we crashed.  Mandy slept with us but too tired for any play.  I woke up and thought it was Thursday until later in the morning.  It was a total shock and relief to realize it was Wednesday.  I was already mentally preparing to do the second event that night.  We hit Kneaders for breakfast and went back and had a nap.  Wednesday afternoon we had our Sundance fun which included Pizza on Main Street, a movie, concert and some dancing.  I love to dance.  Ended up back at the property and Keith got quite the show.  Mandy and I were having a very hard time keeping our hands off each other.  Behind closed doors it was a surrender to Lust.  OMG she tastes good!  So here I am at 5:30 am on the real Thursday.  Several incredible orgasms last night.  I am pondering being selfish and waking her up….    

What is ahead?  Another party tonight and tomorrow and then Saturday, a day of fun with friends and family.  I think Saturday most are planning skiing.  This property is a Ski-in/Ski-out home.  I’m tempted to ski but most likely will sit out still. We are both excited  to see our kids.  Friday and Saturday will be so much fun.  A few of the group will go to the BYU game Saturday night.  I may slip away for that.  Sunday morning we will be up early and head home. Next week I am going to relax :). 

My Christmas Plans

My first goal this Christmas season is not to get sick!  I go so hard with work this time of year I find myself at risk, but this year I’m desternined not to succumb.  Now on to the plans.  My family will be here on the 16th.  We have been renting out a theater for the past 5 years for my event clients, friends and family.  This year we will see Star Wars Rogue One. The Megaplex is preparing for us!  Jake has been given some assistants because everyone will be asking for him in concessions.  He is excited to see us again it’s been a few months.  

It. Will. Be. Epic!

Keith and the kids will stay with me through the weekend at the Casa in Park City.  I do have an event on Saturday evening but other than that some quality time with my family I miss so much.  We are going to meet new peeps in the ward here to.  Will be like psych we aren’t really moving here lol.  Monday the 19th they will leave for San Diego and driving down to attend the Poinsettia Bowl.  I have events Monday and Tuesday but will fly out late to join them.  Wednesday we hope to see BYU crush Wyoming! 

Thursday we are kinda playing it by ear.  We may stop a night in Las Vegas to see a show with the kids.  I wonder if David Copperfield is still playing.  If not we may just stop in St. George for a day.  We do plan on being home by Friday night.  It is our first year at the Homestead in Idaho.  My parents are coming up and it’s just us and movies, treats, games and if there is enough snow for Christmas…snowmobiling.  My parents arrive on the 24th.  On the 28th we leave for Park City again to spend 5 days with my besties and their families at the Casa.  We plan to go skiing, tubing and more movies.  I have so many treats to make!  I have mistletoe, scones, hot chocolate, and scotcheroos to name a few.  It is hard to imagine but we want to have our greatest Christmas ever even though our missionary is gone.  That is what I am looking forward to more than anything else.  I get to see him via Skype for an hour.  A whole hour!  I will let you know how it goes.  🙂  Take some time to make this your best Christmas ever.  Tell someone you love them, kiss under the mistletoe, give your kids an extra big hug and eat like it’s your last meal.  ❤️  Oh and Star Wars!


This Thanksgiving was a very special one.  Our first at the Bear Lake family cabin.  Keith’s  parents have been wanting to get a cabin for years.  Their hope was to get one up at Sundance but it never materialized.  This past Summer we came up here for their 50th anniversary and rented a cabin.  Needless to say they fell in love with Bear Lake and while there we went and looked at a few.  The rest is history.  

We got here a few hours early on Wednesday and got started decorating the deck with lights.  The banister with lights and put up the tree with lots of lights.  Wednesday night we decorated the rest of the tree with the kids and watched the BYU basketball game.  Thanksgiving was wonderful with lots of food, treats, games, a nap, Napoleon Dynamite, and even a holiday walk.  Friday a run, great conversation, more games, some exploring and Guardians of the Galaxy!  There was also an epic game of Risk that lasted well into the night.  Saturday the boys left for a day of BYU in the great Land and City of Provo.  Although it wasn’t the win in basketball we had hoped for against UVU, Keith said it was one of those moments you realize something pretty special is happening.  So he enjoyed the rain of threes and marveled lol.  They stayed until half way through the third quarter of the BYU Football game against Utah State and shivering decided to get a lead on the rest of Aggie Nation heading back to Logan.  I think those of us that stayed back were the smart ones as they got back very late.  They did have lots of fun and they  also brought back 3 extra Cougar Tails!  💙  Sunday everyone slept in.  We had a special fast this morning for our missionary.  Hard to have one away but we love him.  This morning we had our little psuedo branch of 19.  We all gathered in the living room dressed in our church clothes.  We began with prayer, followed by three youth speakers, one from each family, and Keith’s mother finished up.  We then finished with a closing prayer, broke the fast, and had hoagies and soup for lunch and Cougar Tail for dessert!   Tonight we are having another feast. We brought steaks to BBQ and will have baked potatoes, fruit salad, and corn on the cob. Afterward we will have homemade ice cream for dessert.  I am very excited for the cinnamon ice cream. 🙂  

The Thanksgiving weekend went too fast.  Everyone is heading different directions tomorrow.  Keith and I are off for Florida then back to Park City for a couple days before returning to Idaho Falls.  His parents are taking the kids home and spending the week with them.  His sister and her family back to Texas and his brother and his family back home in Utah.  A few college kids back to their lives as well.  Family is a wonderful blessing.  Sometimes it would be nice to hit the pause button.  So very grateful we did for a few days at least.  My hope is that it was a special time for all.  Thanksgiving truly is a gift if we don’t miss it.