Jake the Conclusion

We left the hot tub, he was hard and it was obvious.  Fortunately we didn’t run into anyone on the way to my room.  We were already horny from the teasing and negotiation so the swim suits were off pretty fast.  I had his cock in my mouth before he hit the bed.  Gave him head for about 5 minutes before he blew his first load and yes I did swallow.  He softened a little but not much.  I love when a guy is really horny where even cumming doesn’t kill the night.  We talked a bit more, he wanted to know what I had done and had questions about Keith and I.  Texted Keith a few times and Jake kept saying “fuck I can’t believe this.”  I took a few pics for Keith and sent them to him.  He was pretty excited as well from his messages and things just kept feeling hotter and hotter.  Keith wanted to see me teasing Jake so I gave him a little more head and was rubbing his cock on my breasts and nipples.  Then I got on top of him and we were grinding.  Got a few pics of his cock in my pussy lips.  Even took a couple that made it look like he was in me.  I will admit those were hot!  Drove Keith insane.  

Did lots of teasing with his head pressing into my hole.  Just enough to see it going in but not going in.  It felt sooooo fucking good.  I was stroking him and would pause and push it forward through my lips to slide across my clit.  Just jabs of pleasure every couple of minutes.  Then back down to my hole.  You reach a point it just feels so good it’s hard not to do it.  I got off and laid back and he went for my pussy.  I will say that I prefer girls giving me oral but either I was way beyond aroused and just needed to cum or he was actually pretty good but whatever I didn’t last long.  I think that was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.  I calmed down a little, then I got him off again.  He slipped out of my room around 2 am and I crashed.  I really like Jake it was fun.  Very respectful and not in a hurry which is always nice.  Great cock to.  Big head :).