We were having a fun discussion today on kik chat about Disney and I was telling everyone about watching Disney movies in college.  I thought it would be something those that follow my blog might be interested in.  So it started that year I spent at Ricke College. NCMO was a pretty big thing there and we had lots of fun having non-committal make-outs.  We usually would get together to watch movies and they were always Disney movies.  So eventually we just started calling them Disney movie nights as code for let’s get together and make out.  The Disney movie nights followed us to BYU.  Haven’t used the code name in a long time.  It made me laugh this morning as we were chatting about it.  Totally made me horny.  I think it’s that conditioned response as those Disney movie nights as they were always pleasurable.  Had several orgasms to.  Some of them were also girl’s nights only lol.  🙂  

Early Fun

When I was a Ricks I was lucky enough to fall in with some fun new friends. I met Mandy and Sarah and we were very close from the beginning. We kind of got into the whole NCMO scene and would often talk about the guys we were making out with and if they were good make out buddies and even had make out parties where we would swap with several guys. Some of those parties got a bit wild in that hands starter wandering under clothes and a few times some exposure and someone would cum. It was very naughty fun. There was a group of us that first semester that kind of were pushing boundaries. Had a few dips had a couple of experiences where the guys would dare us girls to kiss and eventually had some threesome make outs where we started to do more. I guess you could say once you got past that awkwardness that comes from those first kisses and fumbling around we realized we liked it. So the fun kind of continued without the guys. First time I got to suck Mandy’s nipples and make out with our tops off was in one of those threesomes with one of the guys. He was so turned on and everything just felt so good. After he left we ended up getting naked and yeah was a very hot night. Fingered and grinding. Didn’t do oral yet that’s a pretty big step. Didn’t take long for Sarah to get involved she was very into sexual pleasure. We had a few group parties as well those first couple of months. It’s so good to have fun hot friends. I’m kind of amazed that after 19 years we are still BFFs. Love you girls!


I was first introduced to this at Ricks College. The whole idea of NCMO or Non Committal Make Out I think just made sense to me. I was 18 had a few boy friends in high school and had some naughty fun but being young and in college I wanted more. So Ricks was all about the making out. As Mormons we are supposed to not have sex after all, so heavy petting was definitely a must. I also had an awesome roommate that like me was very into this. There were many nights we just had group NCMO parties where you end up with 4, 5, or 6 partners in one night. That first semester was definitely fun. I think making out on its own is pretty amazing but being with close friends and swapping partners and then comparing notes after was the best. Other times Mandy or Sara and I would take on one guy and that’s where the real fun started because we ended up making out together. I guess if you think about it…a guy willing to make out with two girls at once probably does want to see them make out. 😉

Ricks College

I went to Ricks back when it was fun.  Before it became BYU-Idaho.  One of the popular past times in Rexburg was NCMO.  Have you heard of it?  I hadn’t although I think we all have experienced it one way or another.  NCMO or NICMO as it’s called is Non Committal Make Outs.  So yeah being a hot 18 year old and already sexually turned on I definitely wanted to play.  I had my limits but yeah the first semester of school I had a blast.  I think it was very easy with hot guys, not much supervision, and a curious nature.