Game Night

BYU vs Mississippi State.  What a win in double overtime.  It’s 9:35 am and I’m still laying in bed recovering from a Cougar Tail hangover.  I haven’t had one since basketball season and even 4 inches was too much last night.  This year was just impossible to go down for Homecoming week.  With our oldest getting ready to leave for his mission and as much as I have been gone I just didn’t feel I could leave.  Lucky we made game day.  I needed a week at home and it was great.  Next year though I will be there and we will party.  Promise!  What I missed the most.  The cheer practice yesterday morning, the hike to the Y, the pre-game activities, the bookstore sales, alumni dinner.  I think this is the first year I didn’t climb the Y during Homecoming since I arrived at the Y for school.  Ugh I suck!  Dang!!!!  Not sure I can deal with that. 

Last night was sooooo awesome.  I love that we won!  It made the ride back to Park City bearable.  I was so completely tired.  I don’t remember even getting out of the car when we got there.  I think Keith took advantage of me last night.  Ladies be careful with those Cougar Tails.  Voice is gone to.  I cheered and screamed so hard.  I’m convinced I made a difference 😇.  BYU is on the rise again.  I think I spent more time running around chatting with friends than watching the game.  It was so so so so good to see everyone.  💙  Once a Cougar always a Cougar!  I am absolutely convinced that the greatest friendships are forged in college.  No matter how much time goes by it never fades.  What’s next for BYU?  Thursday next week vs Boise State which will be a real test.  I’m sorry I won’t be there for you BYU but I’m sending my hubby and 3 kids to cheer.  Win for me!  Here are a few pics for you.  Rise and Shout!  

Update…I can’t let this go.  I have rallied the troops we are headed to Provo to hike the Y.  


We were having a fun discussion today on kik chat about Disney and I was telling everyone about watching Disney movies in college.  I thought it would be something those that follow my blog might be interested in.  So it started that year I spent at Ricke College. NCMO was a pretty big thing there and we had lots of fun having non-committal make-outs.  We usually would get together to watch movies and they were always Disney movies.  So eventually we just started calling them Disney movie nights as code for let’s get together and make out.  The Disney movie nights followed us to BYU.  Haven’t used the code name in a long time.  It made me laugh this morning as we were chatting about it.  Totally made me horny.  I think it’s that conditioned response as those Disney movie nights as they were always pleasurable.  Had several orgasms to.  Some of them were also girl’s nights only lol.  🙂  

Valentine’s 2015

Last week we went to dinner at Olive Garden and then went up to Salt Lake to go dancing at a club. We go every once in awhile mainly because we like to dance and clubbing is about the only place to go. None of us are drinkers we just like the music, flirting, dancing, and just getting out. The guys will be a bit goofy but have lost the dance fever they once had. 🙂 So we get asked to dance several quite a bit by others. Most people are pretty cool with married couples there I think it helps because our guys a friendly and we aren’t bad looking. Just ends up being a big group and everyone chatting and having fun. The grinding and touching just ends up being a good laugh by everyone and since the guys are cool with it we usually get some light action. Nothing overly crazy but can be fun grinding and turning a guy on. Getting them hard and some kissing. Sometimes end up in a booth or dark corner somewhere for a few minutes. I guess since it was Valentine’s and everyone was in a good mood I must confess we got a little bit of everything. 🙂 I even got to make out with Sarah on the way home in the backseat. By then we were both pretty horny so thank you Sarah for making me cum! You are sooooo good with your fingers. I love when Valentine’s Day is on a Friday or Saturday. Just makes for a really good weekend. We hadn’t gone to a club with the guys since our last adults only vacation. It was just nice to go have some fun and everyone being chill and cool. 🙂

Date Night

After two days full of planning and work we met up with friends tonight for dinner and date. We went to Market Place Grill for dinner. Yummy! After dinner we went and had couples massages. We just did it with a twist. Have you ever had a couples massage? It’s pretty innocent in that your just in the same room getting your massage with your husband or sometimes with a girlfriend. But tonight we swapped spouses for ours. So I went in our room with Mandy’s hubby and she went in her room with Keith. I mean we didn’t really do anything. No talking is required or anything. I actually fell asleep while getting my massage. But it was still hot to get naked with another guy. I did get a kiss and feel 🙂 lol poor guy had to calm down. Lucky they started him face down. Very fun date night!