Christmas Season

Today Mandy, Sarah and I went up to see the Tree Festival at the South Towne Expo Center. We had soooooo much fun. There was a group of kids there singing. A big choir and they were singing some Christmas songs I had never heard. We just sat there and enjoyed the music. Then we looked at some amazing trees and wreaths and decorations. I love the Festival it’s so much awesome in one place. I found the most perfect tree ever. It was flocked and 9 feet tall. It would have been so perfect for my family room. We called Keith but even with offers of sexual favors he would not budge on paying $2800 for a tree. So although he is being sensible I am pouting tonight. Why you say would a Christmas tree cost $2800. The money goes to Charity of course. So it was for a noble cause to get the most beautiful flocked tree of all time. The flocking actually looked like snow. The flocker had to be a master at the flocking arts. It was that perfect. I actually touched the flock and expected it to be cold like snow. Anyway we left dejected about our tree and went to lunch at the Olive Garden. So yummy and I am still full. Finished the day with a Christmas concert and a trip to Walmart that we will pretend happened tomorrow so as not to ruin my perfect day. I love a spontaneous day off. Thank you girls for such a great idea today. Only 21 days till Christmas. I’m thinking its time to be the domestic goddess and start making some delicious things :). With all the noise out there take the time to make memories this Holiday Season. Don’t short change yourself. Sweet dreams everyone.