Mind Blowing Sex 

Question today was asked what is the difference between normal sex and mind blowing sex?  Here is my take.  It is pretty easy to make a guy happy sexually.  If they cum they are pretty much satisfied.  But to give them mind blowing sex you take them to the edge and bring them back.  Several times.  You tease them you give them head and you make sure it lasts more than 60 minutes.  Swallow and he will be worshipping you.  Blow his mind by giving him oral after you fuck.  Wear something sexy, whisper something naughty, and gasp.  Mind blowing sex is about stimulating his desire and his mind as much as his cock.  Initiate it and make sure he knows you need it.  You want it.  Cum on his cock.  Even if you have to masterbate to get there.  He better do it or you may take care of it yourself.  Either way works but guys love to experience your orgasm.  Wanting is not a terrible thing to elevate sex to mind blowing.  If you can get him up a couple of times and leave him completely spent you score high marks.  If your still wanting sex and he is done you both win.  Nothing like you wanting him that much to carry over.  So sleep naked and wake him up nicely and do it again.  

Fun Dip

Have you ever experienced Sexual Fun Dip?  The candy produces a sugar high the other a sexual high.  Last night Mandy and I finally got some play time.  We didn’t let Keith join in last night.  He just got to watch.  But this morning we decided to tease him with no mercy.  Sexual Fun Dip is where you have the guy dip the cock and it’s all covered in her juices and you get to lick it off.  If you haven’t tried it your in for a tasty treat…Yum!  Keith didn’t get to dip more than the head, but I made sure to really lick all around it.  Mandy did get to have his cock more sugar coated than I did, but no limits between Keith and I.  It was a very good morning!  Someone may have screamed.  

Tucanos Joy

Ok this is one of my secrets but I hope some of you might enjoy it as well.  Ha it might even boost business at Tucanos.  One never knows.  Ok I do swallow.  Cum kind of has its own unique taste.  Not the most flavorable things in the world but OMG the turn on for guys is priceless so it’s worth it.  But there are ways to make it a bit more enjoyable.  My favorite is a trip to Tucanos and having the guys eat lots of pineapple and those fried bananas lol.  Strawberries are a nice addition to.  Almost like preparing a Cum Smoothie for later.  It’s so worth it!  A Tucanos day makes for a very fun 24 hours.  So guys knock down the citrus fruits and remember a dinner at Tucanos leads to unlimited pleasure, at least in my circle of friends.  A bonus…the Brazilian lemonades are an added delight to be enjoyed later in your cum cocktail.  

“Girl Time”

Saturday included some free play for Sara, Mandy and I.  The hubbies took all the kids to lunch and to see Pete’s Dragon.  Which I will pass along was excellent.  My youngest boys have offered to take me again.  So that may be too good of an offer to pass up.  So they all had lunch,  saw the movie, then went for ice cream and to the store for munchies for the BYU game.  BYU won you know!  All in all we got about 5 hours of some delicious decadence.  I wanted to watch Mandy and Sara play first.  I mean I wanted to get some to, but seeing them both after several weeks I just wanted to watch.  So they made out and slowly got naked over about 30 minutes.  After what seemed like forever, Sara slipped two fingers in Mandy.  Hearing that gasp I couldn’t resist any longer and jumped them both.  I was down to my garments anyway, so it didn’t take much to be naked to.  Sara was fingering us both at the same time.  Even left handed she was pretty good.  Mandy and I were laying side be side making out.  We both came that way.  Then I rolled over between Mandys legs while Sara went to grab a few toys.  The vibrating egg was delightful, the dildo was surprising lol.  Together they were priceless.  Sara slid the dildo in me a couple of strokes then into Mandy then back to me.  We had the vibrating egg between us just building up the pleasure.  When the orgasm hit I didn’t think it would stop.  Sometimes it’s good to scream.  Really loud.  Sara has no mercy.  She really enjoys taking you when your cumming.  Something about taking it to another level.  Literally you have to fight her off sometimes it’s just so intense.  Problem is your kind of tapped so you get taken whether you are willing or not.  All told 3 vibes, 4 dildos, a double dildo, a vibrating egg all suffered at our 5 hours of girl time.  I sooooo needed that.  I feel grounded again.  Looking forward to spending a night with them in Park City Thursday.  Except this time we will thank the boys properly.  ❤️

PS don’t worry Sara got hers

Father’s Day

Is a special holiday.  We make your favorite dinner, you may get a gift and a card but one thing to remember.  This is not my rules it is just the day.  On Father’s Day,  men you don’t have to pull out.  Totally go all the way and deep!  Girls, hopefully you don’t get knocked up unless you want to. Always can use a condom or morning after pill or do it before midnight tonight.  But once the clock strikes 12 for 24 hours forget the coitus interruptus.  I have heard Karma will forever curse him with only semi-hardness and that’s bad especially for us.  So take his cum like a trooper.  Swallow or ride his cock until he goes soft, no matter how long it takes!  Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day to those that didn’t pull out!  Your a daddy.  🙂