Grinding Into Panties

You know it has been a successful session of grinding in your panties when the guy pulls out and your panties have been pushed up inside you. Soaked. You then have to pull them out. Yes it can be done. Usually lots of adjustments and moving them around and him thrusting hard into them but they can be thrust into you a couple inches. God that feels crazy good. Kind of cheating doing it this way but very naughty and fun.


Kind of had a rule when grinding with guys is we would play in panties. They could poke as deep as they could through them. It’s amazing how you can make adjustments in them to get a little penetration. Not much but it’s quite the tease and adventure. College guys for sure loved it. Especially the ones at Ricks and BYU. As Mormons we are not supposed to have pre-marital sex but we sure found ways to do everything up to that point! 🙂 anyway very fun memories and even fun now. Isn’t the best part of sex foreplay?

Ha just saw I already talked about this. Must have it on the mind. Sorry for the repeat

Play and Slip

One thing though if you really get into and the guy starts pushing your panties up your pussy a little you will find they don’t cover much and he can slip into you if your not careful. They get wet and start to get bunched up and he starts moving his hips some with pressure and oops. Anyway just a warning that although you are having fun be careful. Cause like dipping wet and grinding can create accidents.


One of my favorite things to do when I have fooled around is grinding in my panties. Especially thin silky sexy ones. Since I wasn’t going to have sex or go all the way it was fun to let the guy poke at my pussy through the panties. He could thrust and you can get a little penetration with some effort and little adjustments along the way. Amazing foreplay for sure. The guy will eventually cum to. And he can thrust which is very very very nice for him and you. I usually end up getting them pushed in me a little bit and pushed down my hips a bit with all the play but it is fun. So anyway good times., this is a great way to go to avoid bare grinding slips.