Thanksgiving Day 2017

Woke up at 5 am today. So much to do so much I want to do. Keith had the flu hit him hard and fast last night. I love him but wanted to avoid the morning snuggles. This girl does not need the flu. Scotcharoos, pies, and cake are baked. Keith’s Mom is making her famous fudge today. I am still being trained in this great dessert art. I have not yet been granted the title of mastery. Maybe next year! Votes were taken last week over what pie flavors were wanted. The four chosen with the most votes were Apple, Key Lime, Lemon and Cherry. The fifth is a new pie recipe I found that I am super excited about. Here is the details.

Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie

I know it is going to melt brains today. I mean I get the classics everyone wants but you gotta get a little crazy during the Holidays! I’m all about that lol. We have two turkeys and a ham. One deep fried bird the other oven baked. The Ham is pineapple glazed with plenty of rings and chunks of pineapple. It is going to be a Feast. I have started the scones and hot chocolate and juice for those up already. Kids have been excited for the parade as well. I ♥️ Thanksgiving!

Independence Day Park City 

This has been a very fun July 4th.  Left Idaho Falls around 9:30 yesterday and arrived at 2:00.  Mandy and her family got here just before 3:00 and Sara and her family soon after.  The girls claimed the Guest House, the boys the bonus space above the garage.  They were very excited to have their own space.  This vacation property is amazing.  Over 14,000 sq ft with 9 bedroom suites, pool, theater, game room and just insanely beautiful.  Once settled the kids went swimming while Mandy, Sara and I went for groceries.  The boys grilled up dinner and we prepped the rest.  Enjoyed the pool for awhile then went to Main Street and had some dessert.  Finished the night back at the pool and hot tub. 

July 4th started with 4 am sex then a pancake breakfast at the park.  At 8:00 several of us ran the 5K.  Parade started at 11:00 and was right up Main Street.  I caught a nap after the Parade then we went back for live music, watching volleyball and BBQ.  We did this buffet and OMG it was delicious.  The day ended with an absolutely stunning show of Fireworks.  I think a swim and the hot tub will be a good way to end this very full day.  I want to do a July 4th Party next year at the Homestead.  I got some great ideas today.  We wore the kids out, that is not easy to do.  I hope everyone ate some good food, spent time with peeps you love and enjoyed some fireworks.